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LE BONHOMME RICHARD by Jeronimo - Finished

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Hello friends.

Thanks for the compliments.

Part 1 and Part 2, Part 3 later remain single because

of the insight into the ship's interior.

Regards Karl


Sorry, Google Translator


I understand Karl, because of all the internal detail. But, I am sure they are not 3 individual pieces. If you wanted to, would they fit together? My guess is that they would. 

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Hello Karl.

I have just finished reading through the entire log.

It has taken me some 3.5 hours and at every photo I am amazed at the skills and quality of this build.

You always add that little bit more detail and enhance the already perfect build.


Please keep the photos and build posted as I am following this build.


Regards Antony.

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Hi Karl,

I have to ask you something. First you built the back-section then you built the front-section an now you are still work on the middle-section. Am I right that the ship is complete at the end? Why did you built in section?  That you have been able to show the ship from inside? 



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Hi Holger,

the construction of a complete model as BHR in 1:36 scale,

would be delimited in my hobbyroom / Workshop not have been possible.

Lenght over all: 1946,7 mm

Breadth over all: 848,0 mm

Highness: 1488,0 mm


Originally, only the construction of the rear section was planned,

with complete interior looks like a ship this epoch inside.


The three parts of the model ship will always be so in individual cases.




Der Bau eines kompletten Modelles im Maßstab 1:36 wie die BHR wäre in meinem

begrenzten Hobbyraum / Werkstatt nicht möglich gewesen.


Länge über alles: 1946,7 mm

Breite über alles: 848,0 mm

Höhe: 1488,0 mm


Ursprünglich war auch nur der Bau des Hechabschnittes geplant,

mit komplettem Innenausbau um zu zeigen wie ein Schiff dieser Epoche " Innen" aussieht.

Die drei Teile des Modellschiffes werden also immer in einzelnen Vitrinen sein.


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Hi Karl,
something in the way I've been thinking. The ship seems to have really done to you so if you always build a new section.


Hallo Karl,
sowas in der Art habe ich mir schon gedacht.  Das Schiff scheint es dir ja echt angetan zu haben, wenn du immer wieder eine neue Section baust.

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  Hello friends,


Gun ports on both sides and part of the outer planking.

The small gun ports are not visible from the outside in the BHR.

Port side of only the main Frames were left Standing.



Beidseitig  Geschützpforten  und ein Teil der Aussenbeplankung.

Die kleinen Geschützpforten auf dem Gun-Deck sind bei der BHR von aussen überplankt.

Backbordseite wurden nur die Richtspanten (Hauptspanten) stehen gelassen.





T e i l   29














Edited by Jeronimo
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