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Bone model of a small boat


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Hello everybody,

I recently got this model of a small boat, entirely made from bone. It is about 35 cm long and completely equipped with a collapsible mast, sails, 6 oars and one long oar for steering, a rudder, harpoons and knifes etc. It is a beautiful work of art. Very nicely crafted. it has some damage and is quite dirty. The stand is made of bone as well and bears the name LUZ.


Here are some photos of the model:
















I had a look in the internet and found some similar models in a couple of maritime auctions. On one or two models the name LUZ appeared as well on the stand and it was mentioned, that the guy, who built these models was called Albertino Sousa Luz and that these ships come from the AZORES. Does anybody of you know more about the background of these models? Was there a sort of manufacture for whale-bone-models? Or did the owners of the whalers made them for themselves, like some captains of sailing-ships did in the past?

I would be grateful of some background information. 



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A lovely little model. Apart from the maker's name, I think that there is perhaps an unconscious joke in there. There is a sect who believe in a literal 'translation' of the living to heaven at the Second Coming . They would be hoisted up by a (fictitious) hook-like bone at the base of their spines called 'the bone of Luz'.

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