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I am just beginning to build my Norske Love (Billings).  The decks will go in soon after the frames are fastened to the keel.  The plans and all photos I can find of this model online show the decks to be printed with planking lines on them.  Not so with my kit - the deck pieces are clear of any ink or other markings. So...my question:  Is there an efficient method of laying out and marking these lines?


I am not able to buy extra lumber in order to glue deck planking down - I'll need to fake this with lines. 


Thanks in advance.

Current build Andrea Gail (Billings)

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Gene's article covers all the methods I have seen used.


Even when he inks the lines, note that he usually does it on an overlay, then glues that on the original deck.


In all probability you will end up purchasing some additional lumber regardless of which method you choose.


Good luck.



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I was in the garage this morning varnishing the deck sections in preparation for drawing lines when I discovered a stock of perfectly adaptable lumber that I can use as planks.  Bonus!!  Thanks so much for the suggestions.

Current build Andrea Gail (Billings)

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