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Wasa 1628 by JanV - Corel - scale 1:75 - Vasa

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Due to change of policies from Photobucket all pictures are blocked (can be released by paying $ 400,00)


I am going to setup an new photo sharing system on my own account as I am posting on various forums.

within a few weeks I expect to post some new pictures and summary of the build.

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Hi Carl, the gallery is made with PIWIGO a standard application provided by my provider. I have free storage of 10GB, so this can be workable for years now.

It is not doable to update all previous postings in MSW, as when opening for editing I cannot see the original filenames quickly.


But this gallery is a good alternative.


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Due to reconstruction activities in our living and kitchen the modelbuilding is now on full stop.

I hope to restart in spring again after my new workshop is ready.

maybe in the coming period some activities during the meetings within our local model club.


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  • 4 months later...

We have completed the renovation of our living and kitchen


Just an impression with the Vasa already present. Just waiting now for a final cabinet on which a place is reserved already for the Vasa (even in progress)




Further I have re-organised my wood. This is an old cabinet used for drawings (aged back to 1960) and will be used also by my wife for the storage of her hobby paper for Origami.



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  • 9 months later...

just before Christmas finished my new workshop area.

now to build an special table for sawing and sanding tools including automatic vacuum cleaner which start automatic when I start one of the tools


I will make some pictures when Vasa returns to the workshop.

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