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RMS Olympic

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No it doesn't seem to  have been. If Wikipedia is correct it was actually a passenger liner that was torpedoed by a submarine in 1916...she had a sister ship the Egypt who looked similar who did work as a hospital ship during the war... I suppose it could be either one of them...they look VERY similar.

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She was not torpedoed, she sunk after the collision in bay Biskay and later become very visited for one purpouse. She indeed was hospital ship during ww1. Enough hints, one of you was veeeeery close already.

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slagoon,congrats on naming the ship

indeed she is SS Egypt. have been requisitioned by goverment as hospital ship. she sunk after the collision with french steamer Seine with more than £1000000 pounds worth silver, gold and sovereigns. thats when she become the target for the recovery operation. one of the biggest of that time.

more info in here: http://www.deepimage.co.uk/wrecks/egypt/egypt_mainpages/egypt_history.htm


Slagoon, your turn in the game. please find something harder than me..  ;)

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Just woke up to find that I'm a winner :-D Well I don't know if it will be easy or hard. I did remove the name ON the ship in 3 spots...hopefully the photoshop job isn't too bad but I thought she was a rather neat ship.  I will give hints in 12 hours if no correct answers.



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