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First Class Sloop of War Constellation in 1:36 scale by Jerry Todd - Radio

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On 7/24/2020 at 1:26 PM, yancovitch said:

what if you print it in two parts....that should be easy?

There shouldn't be a difference really, not with the anchor.  This thing, for instance, is about as big at the printer can handle, and it has a couple of flaws at the base because in a couple of places the suction of the last printed layer almost overcame the adhesion to the build plate, so there's a place that appears to be de-laminating right where the little patio attaches to the tower in the picture.  Otherwise it came out beautifully.  (click it to see it larger)



On things that don't have a flat face to attach to the build plate, you need those supports to hold them and connect them so the plate has a means to pull the part out of the vat.  It's a tug of war with every layer printed, and you want the build plate to win every time.  It's being able to pull the thing free of sticking to the film at the bottom of the vat that matters, and the supports have to be strong enough to do that job.  My set up seems to be weak where they attach to the part itself.  The layer sticking to the vat pulls the part loose from the supports.  I can change those parameters, I basically have them at their default values.  Rather than waste resin with trial and error, I've been looking at YouTube videos on the subject to learn what people with more experience are doing.  These folks seem to print mostly fantasy figures with wings, swords, capes, flowing garments, and all sorts of elaborate and fragile looking appendages; my models are nothing compared to that in terms of sticky-outty bits.  ;)


Notice where this support detachment happened with this pair of wheels (red arrows), causing one spoke not to print and another to be deformed.




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It's been a while, but I'm making another attempt at printing the pivot guns.  I separated the gun/carriage from the slide and taking a shot at printing the slide alone.  This is a second attempt, the first already failed, so I beefed up the supports and I got a bottle of new resin that's supposed to be stronger.  The picture shows the model with it's supports that's sent to the printer, and it's printing as I type this.  I should know in an hour or two if it's failed again, other wise it'll take about 10 hours to print completely.


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Designed and printed a few items, some small bullseyes, improved stanchions, shells for blocks, and a few failed attempts at other items.


con20200831a.jpg.a90dd1256ef623ec55de1abeba3d717d.jpg  con20200824a.jpg.1d9f7480f4cab127132637fd2a24821c.jpg  con20200810b.jpg.c22d73ff4f760b5c6cfd830a691e2cbc.jpg

My latest try at the pivot gun wasn't great, but it was the best so far.  The front of the slide and the cascabel didn't come out right, but I can reprint just those portions and glue them on to make this print usable.  It was printed with a different resin that's a "smokey black" translucent color, and is supposed to be structurally stronger.


con20200914b.thumb.jpg.60e77b60456c84a772a1680d214959b0.jpg  con20200914.thumb.jpg.8f48235721c1eb3dbfaf22b275c7c9d4.jpg



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