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Wasa by md1400cs - FINISHED - Corel - 1:75

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Hello everyone. I am posting 2 pics of my Corel. I want to get it right and then I will add more pics. This is my second build. I completed a Mantua Santa Maria many year ago. 


This Wasa has been a lot of fun. I have torn sections out and rebuilt them as I have been able to view so many photos of the real ship. The stern, for example is wrong in the Corel kit. OK let's see if my first pics posts.



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Ahoy,  md1400cs :D


Beautiful work. I especially like your treatment of the "gilded metal".


Can I ask your overall opinion of the Corel kit? I am looking into purchasing one.

Hi Jpett,


Thank you for your kind words. Regarding the Corel SM13 I will put some thoughts together regarding this and post my thoughts.

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Here are some of the details that I decided to incorporate on my Corel Wasa. The bobinettes from the kit were incorrect. I used photos of the original as reference. Also, the Corel gilded pieces are also incorrect as additions to the Galeries. Here are pics of my attempt. Again, thanks for looking










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Hi md1400cs,


indeed very solid craftsmanship! I see that you have some pictures of the real Wasa on your laptop there. Nevertheless, do have a look at the pictures I uploaded in the following forum: http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/236-wasa-museum-pictures/#entry1924


I am also very much looking forward to your overall assessment of the Corel kit.



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Ahoy,  md1400cs :D


Beautiful work. I especially like your treatment of the "gilded metal".


Can I ask your overall opinion of the Corel kit? I am looking into purchasing one.











 My opinions of Corel’s SM13 Wasa are as


I purchased this kit many

years ago after having visited the museum. I did not do any research. The Corel

was the first one that I noticed and purchased it from Model Expo (a

consistently excellent supplier). As I proceeded with the build,

I decided that I wanted to add more details that were available from the kit

right out of the box. I also wanted to take my time and really improve my

skills as I went along. I was having a lot of fun.

I looked at, and filed many

photos of the original and started noticing several shortcomings, in terms of

accuracy, with Corel's example. There were several areas that were totally

wrong. Mmmmm, but I had progressed to a point where it was too late to adjust

the build in some areas.

First noted errors;


The five deck entry doors are

poorly shaped.

The bow entry doors are way

too thick.

The bow step-down side stairs

are incorrect.

The bow front railing is

incorrect (especially those dolphin gilded pieces)

The stern is too thin and

doesn't allow for the required gilded soldiers. In fact the entire stern is

wrong. I tore mine out and re-did it.


I'm only realizing these "issues" because I have researched so many photos. I also acquired a

set of plans from the museum.


OK. Some positive thoughts;

All framing is pre-cut. The gilded pieces are very well plated and well cast.

The instructions are adequate. Lumber is well cut, as are other wood pieces.


If one has no idea of what the real ship really looks like these criticisms would be vacuous, and benign.

The ship "out of the box" is none the less impressive, and is obviously the Vasa.

The one kit that is super accurate to the real Vasa is the Billings example. This kit is excellent to a

fault. However, I do believe that much of the wood parts are only inked onto

boards and then need to be cut. Also all of the very accurate gilding are made

of plastic. The completed kits that I have seen online looks so excellent. Nice

work on Billings part.



If anyone has any specific

questions I will be happy to respond. And please any constructive criticism of

my project will be very appreciated, as this is only my second build, and I'm

new to your wonderful forum. Gee some of you have awesome projects.


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Very nice work md1400cs!! I especially like your jointery in the planking. Are the square nails included in the Corel kit? There is a randomness to their size that looks really cool in a rugged kind of way and it gives a hefty look to the planks. Nicely done!

Thank you for your nice words. No those nails are not part of the kit. I purchased these from a model railroad company. They are rail ties for HO and a smaller size as well. Micromark has most of the other very small nails.  Thanks for appreciating my intent with the randomness, per photos of the real ship, and it was the 1600's I thought that it would kind of look "ok"


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Hi md1400cs,


indeed very solid craftsmanship! I see that you have some pictures of the real Wasa on your laptop there. Nevertheless, do have a look at the pictures I uploaded in the following forum: http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/236-wasa-museum-pictures/#entry1924


I am also very much looking forward to your overall assessment of the Corel kit.




Thanks! some I did not have (:-)


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I can agree with the points you made in comparison with the Corel kit to the original. the Billing Boats kit is indead more accurate, but one remark is that the figures are made of plastic.


I decided also for the Corel as I have better experiance with Corel than with Billing Boats. See my buildlog


I enjoyed your modifications to the bow and the gallery, I noticed this just in time as I am starting with that part now.

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I think that that you will be happy with the Corel as most errors, as you noted, can be eliminated as you build. With so many photos available it will be easy to adapt the Corel. The only real issues are with the gilded pieces that are for all-intense-and-purposes mostly wrong. Nonetheless this example can be spectacular. I have noted your build so far. I'm very impressed. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress. Enjoy


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Here are some modifications that I have made to the stern of the Corel Wasa. It was woefully incorrect. It is still not "right" but I think that this is an improvement over the "out of the box" build.


I had initially been prepared to build, right from the instructions, and I did so. But as I proceeded I became dissatisfied and re-did certain sections. The stern was my first change, as this part did not effect other already assembled areas. 


I am alson now removing the rear windows, as they are too wide, don't have enough inner frames and, they dont allow for the correct amount od soldiers standing along side. Though I think that this won't change. The problem lies within Corel's too narrow stern sizing. This was unavoidable, even before the start, because it would have been impossible to see this outcome before construction.


Also the gilded pieces that I used are not correct, but (:-) so it goes.I don't know how to add comments with each photo, but this progresses from the original kit through my mods.


PS: The chain is hanging because it will be replaced with a black one. Though I think that in the 16th cent. they might have used rope? Does anyone know (:-)










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I'm posting in retrospect. Close to catching up to the effort so far. Please note that the plain cannons are the

ones that come with the kit. I will be replacing the deck cannons  with the one in the pic. Not Swedish, but closer to the actual ones. I will also alter the carriages to more closely represent those from the ship. 

This, only my second build, has been really helped by all of the available data. Data that are so helpful. I am also learning a lot from seeing some of your projects. Oh my some of you are astonishing artists.

















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Thanks, I appreciate your comments. I also am learning so much from the many great artists who post their work, and assembly techniques on this board. I'm really a novice, and I fear that I will never reach the artistry of many builders here. But in the meantime its fun. A great hobby.


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Decided to try again with the stern windows. The kit offerings were too wide, incorrectly framed, and just didn't look right. No solution has come to mind. But I need to make them thinner, and the framing has to be thought out again. Here are two pics. One of which is my original install and the other, of course, is the gutted out "to be fixed" pending solution.


I also made a mistake with the gallery hight. Too late Mmmm. If anyone has any suggestions they would be surely appreciated (:-)





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This set kinda brings some of the previous work up to date. In retrospect I see errors, but I'm my own worse critic. For example the toilets are very wrongly placed. The anchor rope outlets are not correct. Lastly the lower supporting longitudinal bowsprit braces need to be re-worked. The tips cracked, and look rough.So my repair list keeps growing.


However I'm seeing such fabulous work on this site; such a pleasure to see; I am learning so much. For example rigging Mmmm there are so many experts here. Thanks to all of you who post your updates, lov em.























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I think we all tend to be our own worse critics. In case you don't see it, your work shows a great deal of artistry. The top view of the bow is stunning! I have the Billings version of this on the shelf but I'm trying to build up the chops to do it justice before I attempt it. I'm learning a lot from you!

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Your very kind words are much appreciated. Thank you. I am also learning from so many here at MSW. I will need a lot of prompting when I get to both sets of rigging...down the road


The Billings kit is very accurate. I've seen photos of some beautifully built examples. It also looks great with sails. Good luck.


Look forward to your postings after you "take a deep breath" and start...


Michael D

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Michael... you are definitely putting a lot of extra effort in your build. Makes me feel like I'm a lazy fellow.  B)

I did some modifications in my build, but nothing compared to what you're doing.

One thing I thought was that this is a 30+ year old kit. There was not so much information on this ship back then as there is now.. starting with the colors.

I wouldn't paint my ship the way it was originally painted, mind you.

I will keep following your build.

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Ulises Victoria,


You make a very good point. It did not occur to me that Corel released this kit before the resurrection. Now, of course, there are so much data available. One would think that Corel would update their kit? Had it not been for all of the museum photos I would have built the ship right out of the box. Which would have still made for a beautiful model ship. I have seen several "out of the box" examples that are very beautiful. One of which has sails...very nice indeed.


As for other hobbies adding details can be a lot of fun. I'm thinking of model aircraft and model cars.


Michael D

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Very impressive indeed! I will be following your build intensely, as I am building a Wasa from Corel as well. I chose to paint it as best as I can according to the model in the Stockholm museum.

I have recently made the bow section, also little bit adjusted from the Corel drawings, but yours is really stunning!!



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