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So found a solution to the slacking rope.

Denis, thanks you were also to be part of my answer.

EJ, I had thought of that, but was concerned that the diluted glue might remove some of the rope details, and remain visible. AND that I would mess it up.


1) Yes, add resistance to the rope.

2) Using the Admiral’s starch dribbled some onto a paint brush

3) Applied all over the rope making sure it got a good soaking.

4) Used a hair dryer (low heat) to dry the starch.

5) Waited a few minutes and then removed the clamps; hurrah ropes remained looking taut.


Came out perfect, and starch disappeared once dry (as it should) leaving the rope, well, starched stiff.


Too simple - took a while to think of this haha


Frank as always thanks



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when you mentioned starch......I thought hair spray.   although I think merely getting the rope wet and using the hair dryer might have been effective as well.  you accomplished what you wanted to do,  and the rope looks good as a result.   very resourceful  ;) 

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58 minutes ago, popeye the sailor said:

when you mentioned starch......I thought hair spray.   although I think merely getting the rope wet and using the hair dryer might have been effective as well.  you accomplished what you wanted to do,  and the rope looks good as a result.   very resourceful  ;) 




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23 minutes ago, popeye the sailor said:

hair spray is like spray starch........dried with a hair dryer,  you'd likely get the same results.  my grand mother swore by it!  ;)   

I used hairspray/straiteners and a hair dryer  and got funny looks of the admiral  -  I am bald.:huh:;):D



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Martyn: as always thanks so much.

EJ: Funny - yes old stuff can come back around


This is of course old (normal) news to all of you “veterans” reading this particular post, rigging being a big part of  most builds.


That said, I was actually a bit overwhelmed when so many lines just kept flopping onto the weather deck with the addition on running sail rigging lines. This build being my first effort at (exclusive of the very simple first Santa Maria back in the mid 70s) adding hung, and furled sails along with making sure that all needed shrouds, blocks, pin holes were included for all three masts using plans from three diff. sources was a reach for me at the time. Learned as I progressed (along with many mistakes) but


– it actually worked out  - to my big surprise - Two pics.

1) my “overwhelmed time” photo, and

2) the almost finished results. 


Yes, I know you've all been there. and I have seen amazing very helpful rigging logs here at MSW - I had not been there - a challenge well worth the personal effort IMO.






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Frank, So honored that you really like my work especially coming from such a skilled and detailed builder such as yourself so very kind, and much appreciated indeed. Your weathering detailed work is at a level that I will never personally achieve. Your Alert quickly comes to mind.

 EJ, yes you are right that is indeed, for us, unimaginable indeed.

 Denis, thanks.

 Mates,  as always thanks so much for following along as well as the likes.


 Finishing up loose ends on the weather deck. Using the same technique that I used for the pin coils. Here are a few pics FYI








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I like how you planned the rope connection.   I don't bother......just lay the rope coil over the ending to hide it.  with the size of the rope and how much of it,  I can see why.  of course,  you've put in all this time and thought into her........why stop now?!?!?!   nicely done!  :) 

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Denis: There are four very visible coils in a sparse and very open area mid deck, attached to kevels that needed to lie spooled on the deck. Those I felt needed extra attention, otherwise I agree with you – not worth the extra detail work. Just coiling a spool and laying it above the cut end is just about perfect.


Those four + two are done, now onto the bow area.





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Thanks for the likes. 


Please note that that this entire project looks much better because of exclusively using Chuck's ropes (and blocks) from Syren.

Had I coiled the threads that this kit included, along with all of the needed rigging (and horrid kit blocks) the results would have been

very underwhelming, and terribly out-of-scale as well IMO.

Yes there are other very good rope suppliers, I just happen to find Chuck's quality consistently excellent shipment after shipment. 




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Time to start work on the stern lantern. Noting that any lantern I attach will prob. not represent the actual lantern, a part that was never salvaged.

 So based on Landström’s drawings, the most representative is the one on the left side of first photo. I also note that the 1/10th, as well as several other important replicas do not include a lantern.

Wanted to, in any case, add some extra details to the one I chose to use. Then, I remembered that from my model car days I still had several types of foils. So, used the copper. Did not have any gold.

 Here are a few preliminary shots. Need to figure out the candle, and how to paint, and detail the plastic housings.





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Please forgive me for saying so, but I encourage you to either make your own lantern from scratch, or to source a better one.  This lantern you are showing is not up to the high standards of your build.  I think that it will look out of place on the model and will be distracting.  Later, when I get to my home computer, I will post an image from a really excellent scratch build if the Vasa, which shows a nice example if a lantern that would be appropriate.

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Thank you for your post much appreciated. I am Familiar with Alexander’s lantern. It is indeed a very excellent scratch built example. That said see the notes below from his log, along with Fred Hocker’s response.


 The design of Landström seems to me as enormously heavy. All over golden I can imagine the lamp is too dominant. Maybe I'm going to the roof copper or anthracite to make it look visually slightly smaller.
Cheers, Alexander


From Fred Hocker

I agree that Landström's design is pretty heavy, and I am not sure that it fits the style of the rest of the stern that well.

We also do not have any sculptural pieces anything like what he shows, so I wonder if the lantern was not so elaborate, more of a glazed house for the lights. (underlining is mine)

Having the roof of the lantern and its finial mimic the cupolae on the quarter galleries is a possibility, but in that case I would expect the bottom to look more like the lower part of the gallery.

The glass panes are probably rectangular, about 150x100 mm (we have a lot of fragments of glass this size)rather than the diamond shape BL shows. You have the mounting exactly right.




In the meantime I’m still playing around with this particular after-market example.

I just ordered some gold leaf from Bare-Metal (Amazon). I might just leaf the top and bottom in gold instead of the copper that I’m playing with. The importantly missing details would be the air four vents at the top. I’m playing with some ideas.


I do appreciate your advice, and thanks for the nice comments regarding this build. I may still, in-fact,IMG_9135.thumb.jpg.52599d86946d91dc7f21e0344aa58a47.jpgIMG_9136.thumb.jpg.aed59fc522f3114aaf8f07aec3295d60.jpgIMG_9138.thumb.jpg.40821b79932e170d215e8fd7bb4b99c3.jpg



just make one as your suggestion and reasoning are very appreciated.


Last photo from a Museum video about the sinking




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Here is a little more food for thought.  These are all Danish ships, about 20 years later than the Vasa, but built in the Baltic and beneficiaries - I would definitely say - of the cross-pollination of European shipyards; witness the deliberate similarities between the incredibly impressive Sophia Amalia and the Royal Sovereign.


If anything, what these drafts might confirm is the relative size of the stern lanterns, a degree of mimicry of the lantern/quarter gallery finial (Tre Lover, in particular), and the ornamental inclusion of caryatid figures between the lantern lights.


The Tre Lover



The Hannibal



The Sophia Amalia



The Fredericus Tertius


Mr. Hocker notes that nothing of the lantern has been salvaged, but I have to wonder whether the lantern might have been a symbolic early retrieval by the salvage crew who initially retrieved most of her guns.  In any case, it seems appropriate to me that Vasa’s lantern would be highly ornamental like the rest of the stern.


I appreciate that you can take a little constructive criticism in stride.  I only want the best for you and your model, which is such a shining example of what can be done to make a good kit great.

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Thanks again, yes your constructive criticism is much appreciated, as it has been from other members who where kind enough to take the time to post suggestion comments. Your historical knowledge is super impressive as I have also noted from reading other logs at which you add historical information. Kudos to you. :)


Also, thanks for looking up, and sending jpg,s of excellent contemporary lantern examples. Yes indeed mine will wilt by comparison. Those are so detailed and much more first class examples, if you will.

But for, me I don’t have the skill set nor the energy to delve deeper, again into this project’s very complicated looking stern lanterns. It (this build) has gone on too long  - need to move on. I had wanted to copy Alexander's and had made a folder from his log sometime back.


But for-all-intent-and-purposes she is done, exclusive of a few shrouds here and there. I will have the case cover measured and made next week BUT…….


Still need to;

Add, shape, and rig the five flags (PS: incorrect Corel supplied flag examples no less)

Make two keel bracing structures

Fix two broken mast platforms

Re-install missing cannon doors

Touch-up paint hull and deck gilded figures.


Grrrr (need to move on)  haha


The stern lantern will have to be what it will be, especially per Fred Hocker’s remarks with Alexander regarding the still missing lantern.


……I do, again much appreciate your sage advice, and comments about how you consider my kit build to to be a good example of how a kit can be improved upon. :imNotWorthy: and conversely how this lantern may detract, a bit, the project.


 A few more photos of the, well, lantern lol…I will foil the top with gold leaf, bottom – not sure yet.

PS2: I did order six figurines from Corel (the ones that are above the upper galeries, I may add those to the six sides of the lantern if they look "ok" after receiving them, This would add Vasa correct detail per what Corel supplied.







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I feel you, man - project fatigue sometimes draws the line for you.  I like the idea of the additional figures, if the spacing works out.  Whichever way you go, though, you have certainly crafted a first-class model that you will always be justifiably proud of.


And thank you, of course, for your kind words.  I'm not really a historian - I just like to study pictures for a ridiculously long time ;).  Anyway, I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed following along on your build.  It was immensely informative, and I learned a lot.

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this will be the go to log for anyone building this vessel.   it's a great log Michael,  and I've enjoyed your progress immensely.   the lantern your working with looks like a Billing Boats lantern......I have one in my inventory.   how do you adhere the leaf to the part?   do you glue it?  I see this stuff at Hobby Lobby and have been tempted to buy some,  but I'm not familiar with it's use.

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Thanks mates for your much noted, and thoughtful input. Yes my choice for the lantern is plainly too plain :default_wallbash:. Duly noted - will finish this build without a lantern, case it, and move it to where it will reside. Though I might install the one I'm working on and then change it to a much more appropriate example.


Then, subsequently I will re-visit the lantern issue (after taking several breaths in between several weekend cocktails) – then work on an appropriate lantern. Easily added later.


Patrick: Yours is brilliant indeed, Thanks for the link to your build. That said I have not explored the art of carving. And carvings are certainly needed for a Vasa lantern. Also I had forgotten about the Batavia of which I have many photographs. Thanks for the reminder as well.

That leaves me with other ideas; one of which it to purchase a couple of Amati examples adapting one to the right-angled metal arm, and possibly adding some sculptured details. Here are the three I’m thinking of each 30mm - the oval one being 40mm.



In any case I will not, in the short-term, stress any more about the lantern. I now know, that it needs to be correct looking. My choice is not. Huback thanks for initially pointing this out to me 


 PS: I will actually re-visit the Vasa in April - meeting my son in Stockholm. Looking forward to the trip - Had been to the museum only once in 1995, certainly much more to see since then. Will also take many photos of the long boat, may want to add it to the Vasa one of these days. Or not hahaha




Denis: Again thanks so much for your very kind compliment. NO the copper leaf sheet is super thin AND has an adhesive backing. You only need to keep rubbing it with a cloth or cotton bud to remove ALL wrinkles – they just disappear. Its mostly used by car modelers to add chrome details to their cars. Bare-Metal has several diff product choices.






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Regardless of correct to the ship or not, you have made a very nice lantern! :D


Historically correct details, they are what make a ship beautiful but, makes modeling one a pain especially when the accuracy of those details is speculation. The nice thing with something like those lanterns is that it is a part that can be replaced with relative ease. You can attached your lantern as is to complete your build and later, much later perhaps when your brain has finally relaxed from this build and you feel like revisiting it, you can always research and build a replacement.


As I've said and many others have also, you have done an incredible job on this build and the build log. It will and should be one that anyone building this ship can use for a reference. Be proud of what you have built, for we are all privileged to have seen it! 

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That lantern looks great. I myself decided to skip this for the time being, but I will try to search some archives from Maritim Museums in the Netherlands to find pictures of paintings from that period which might give a good idea, but when I am in this stage that will take some years.


I can further agree with you concerning the quality of the blocks provided in the  kit, these are perfect to start the BBQ in the summer, and I bought the same type of blocks a few year back at a shop in Poland, which was easier for shipment within Europe and no risk for extra custom charges.


I am going to save a lot of your log for future use as I am starting to finalize the rigging shortly and can use a lot of your information.


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