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Wasa by md1400cs - FINISHED - Corel - 1:75

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One last BIG thank you for all of your amazingly touching comments. Some of you have been my teachers.


B.E., as an example, you were so diplomatic in your comments regarding how I was doing some things incorrectly (I knew so little back then). Help and suggestions such

as yours, and from other kind members who posted suggestions helped to make this build what it has become today. Certainly bashing the basic kit helped. As well as available photos of the ship.

Syren's ropes and blocks (thanks Chuck) I'll be ordering again soon.also helped to create a more realistic project.

From other logs I learned about adding running rigging and sails.


All in all -- thanks mates.

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Hi Michael,


I just took a look again through your wonderful build log! It is really an amazing and fantastic bouild, your Wasa! 

Unfortunataly I had not enough time in the past to look continuously through your post. But the result now is great!

Big gratulations for finishing it in this way!


Regards, Joachim


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Hi Mates,

This needed to be done – so taking a slight break from my current build, to revisit the Vasa for a New Lantern


The one I installed was indeed “just wrong”, as was also very diplomatically pointed out by Marc (Hubac’s Historian) some time -- way back….

And it’s mounted too high as well. Still learning….


Note – that the Vasa stern lantern has never been recovered – so it’s really a sort of guessing game as to how it might have actually looked.


I got a new (third one – 4th counting Corel’s) more appropriate, example so finally doing some preliminary work.


I had, to first decide whether or not to gut the interior in order to add a center candle (a detail that I wanted to feature) – well that was not an option – skill set not there.


Could have just added the plastic windows and be done. Windows came from another source after some cutting and trimming – they look just fine.


(YES very incorrectly) added candles to each of the six panels.


Here are some beginning images of the work, so far. Thanks for your re-visit to this log.


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Javlin: way too kind – thanks so appreciated 

Dark Angel: Glad that you will find some inspiration – so kind of you to post. I’ve also found so much inspiration from builds that I follow here as well. Cheers.

Richard: Thanks so much – your work, BTW, is brilliant indeed

EJ: We’ve been following each other’s builds for quite a while now – as always so kind of you thanks.


Not quite finished – but now done. Afterthoughts made me think that those vent stacks (not correct anyway) but still needed a bit more of a fix.

So done here – now for the install – Need to coordinate with the Admiral - she will need the Vasa's resting space in Feb for a party she’s having (baby shower –for a friend’s daughter) – so will remove the Vasa, and its case then. This lantern will certainly look more appropriate - glad that I finally got around to this bit.


Mates thanks for the likes and just dropping by,



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To be honest, I wasn’t 100% sold on adding the lion mascaroons, but now that I see them in place I really love them!  I agree with you that they tie-in nicely with the whole decorative program, and now the lantern looks a part of the ship, IMO.  Great work!!

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Marc - you're responsible for this fix -thanks SO much PS: Glad that it meets with your approval  

I'll revisit here one last time - now back to current very slow project

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Hi Mates,


So at last I finished up the re-install for that lantern that has been sitting around for a while. Here are a few images to completely put this log to rest.

That Taffrail is really "sad" I was tempted to pull it off before re- installing the new lantern - but - "done here".

Need to finish my Trinidad current build - and then much looking forward to the Viking ship under my table.

That one will be something totally new for me to learn about. Will also keep areas unpanelled and open to show some hull and interior sub deck construction details the vikings used. Attempt to anyway -----




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