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Veritas Miniature Shooting Plane and Shooting Board Set from Lee Valley Tools

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Just got the Lee Valley Christmas Catalog in today's mail and Wow they've added another miniature tool set to the excellent line of functional miniature tools. Thought you all might like a look-see! I already know what's on my Christmas List. 😁😁😁😁😁😇


BTW I have their entire miniature collection and use them frequently and not just for model work.


Lee Valley 2022 Christmas Catalog


Shooting Board       $25.50    


Right hand shooting plane   $79.50  ( both for $89.00)


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Hi Jack. Since you have  all of their tools do you also have there Miniature  Bench Vise? If so have you built a small wood working bench and mounted it? Just wanted to see how and on what you using your tool's on. Working on making a miniature work surface so it can be clamped to my work bench. Thank you Gary

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Hi Gary, yes I have their miniature bench vise but the bench vise is the only thing I have not used yet. I also bought their miniature work top with accessories and have been using it. I'm still debating how and to what I want to mount the bench vise. I've been mulling over in my head whether I want to add legs to the mini work top and mount the vise underneath it or keep the current one unchanged, it works nicely on workbench as is, and buy a 2nd mini worktop to modify for the vise. As it stands there is not enough clearance to add the vise without adding legs. My other consideration is to build a small table like the one shown in the Lee Valley video of the two guys using their miniature tools to make a tooth pick 😳 😅 


Right now RL is getting in the way. 



My Veritas  miniature work top.




Lee Valley video screenshot with bench vise





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I find their miniature block plane and edge plane very useful for that. You might want to consider using their mini work top as a starting point since it is already predrilled for their bench dogs and hold downs. 

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On 11/12/2022 at 2:28 PM, claybaker said:

Now I feel bad. Got mine last week. Haven’t played with it though. 



On 11/10/2022 at 9:05 PM, Jack12477 said:

Arrived today



What do you guys think of the shooting plane?  Wondering how much I would use it, but you know, need to tell Santa what I want for Christmas...

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I haven’t used mine yet ! But given that I tried to make a full size shooting board that sort of works with their pocket plane and larger bench plane, I think this will work much better for me on smaller dimension wood like kit planks etc. I still have two antique ice boat models on the drawing board I want to build in scale like the previous one, 1888 Rocket (link in signature). 


I have not been disappointed with any of the Veritas miniature tools I've purchased thus far.  They are well made and very sharp right out of box.

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