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HMS Cumberland 1774 by AlexBaranov - FINISHED - 1:36

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What beautiful craftsmanship.  You have done all of this in 8 months?  Incredible.  AntiSpiral mentioned that there is a Russian forum you have the build posted on as well.  Would you mind posting a link to that?  Thanks.

I think that there is no point in doing link building progress will continue at the MSW

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I is manufactured by a composite body. I'm layering the required number of layers of thin boards. I'm using PVA glue. The fastening straps, thin boards (stapler). This technology protects the ship model from changes in humidity and steady. In this case, the use of the five layer boards. The model is very large. Maximum length of 1,697 millimeters


















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brilliant stuff! May I ask what material you used to cast the cannons and what you used to maked the moulds? Did you use a single or a two-piece mould?




Hello Peter!
I use the age-old method of casting bronze and brass investment casting. I use two types of wax (wax models for single and bulk wax models (injector)).
You can see more samples on my website here:
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With return to MSW, Alexey! Magnificent model and fine work! 

:)  :cheers: 

Everyone knows that the Earth is round, but there are always people do not always equal status. I highly appreciate my colleagues around the world, and I think that our art has no specific nationality. We all live in a shared house. We are united by common interests. Among other things, this is a decent answer to Mr. Demin (shipyard on the table). :cheers:

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if I were to supply you with master cannons, could you cast them for me in the amount required? I Need 68 cannons in three different sizes, the largest being approx. 15 cm in length, the others slightly smaller. Do you cast them with the dolphins in one piece, or are they soldered onto the barrels later?




All guns are made in one piece. Of course I can not do any artillery. However, this process does not depend only on me. I do not have a foundry, so hire a caster. Foundry work has a very high price. Very big gun 15 centimeters! The fact that this product will be extremely difficult. I pay 1.5 euro per 1 gram of product.


If the artillery is very necessary for you, I propose to discuss this issue more seriously. Need to weigh and count to consider the number and size of models, the total number of artillery guns on each model.

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