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USF Confederacy by Augie & Moonbug - Model Shipways - 1:64 - Finished

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This build log will detail the construction of the Model Shipways kit USF Confederacy (scale 1:64) designed by Chuck Passaro.


The brief history of this 36 gun American Continental Navy Frigate is presented in some detail in the full-color, 170 page instruction manual and is available at Model Expo online. 


The model will be constructed in the 'Admiralty' configuration (without full rigging) and shall have an overall length of 35".


Although actual construction will not begin until about 9/1/2013, I have opened the kit and will provide here my overall impression of the contents and some photos to show 'WHAT'S IN THE BOX'.


The inventory of the kit has been completed and all listed items were provided.  No, I did not count the 300 eyebolts.  The well-drawn plans comprise 5 sheets.  As model ship manufacturers have not embraced the concept of rolled plans, they come folded and required a bit of steam ironing to be rendered suitably flat for my taste.  As mentioned, the color manual is up to Chuck's usual standard and shall become my bible for the immediate future:




The kit contains 23 laser cut sheets varying in thicknesses from 1/32 to 1/4" :




The strip wood and dowels were supplied bundled so sorting was effortless.  The quality of the wood is not bad.  I am considering replacing some of the basswood strips but need some time to figure that out:




An extensive amount of photoetched parts are supplied:




Blocks, deadeyes, cleats, stanchions and parts including anchors:




Figurehead, cannon and some stern decorations --- all brittania metal.  Although some previous logs have felt these fittings were substandard, my opinion is that they can actually be used successfully.  However, as Chuck offers some after market upgrades through his Syren Model Ship Company, I opted for upgrades of the figurehead and cannon:




I shall provide a side-by-side comparison of the kit supplied vs. custom parts when the new ones are received.


It is now time to do some reading and perusing of the plans to get my head around this new lady.  I am hoping to improve on the skills developed during my recently completed Syren project.  As usual, I'll be keeping a log of time spent for those who might be interested.  All I can promise is to try my best and produce something worthy to stand with the other fine Confederacy kits already (or soon to be) underway.


Everyone is invited to join in and comments and critique are welcome.    WELCOME ABOARD TO ALL!










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HAMILTON -  Will be giving some thought to replacing some of the basswood for perhaps decking and hull planking.  I'd like to work in some Swiss Pear.


John - Yes, she would be impressive fully rigged.  In fact, I'm almost sure that's how Andy is planning to do his once he finishes Peggy.  But I just don't have the space around here. 

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John - Yes, she would be impressive fully rigged.  In fact, I'm almost sure that's how Andy is planning to do his once he finishes Peggy.   


You got that right..... B)


How I'm going to manage to pull it off is another matter altogether.... :P

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Here you go again Augie,  :P  this looks like a really nice build coming up , the kit looks well stocked, and I agree with you on maybe replacing the basswood decking and planking, it'll be well worth it. So, meanwhile, have fun getting acquainted with the plans and such.....

Enjoy !!


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Fear not for room, Wayne.  We're doing a 'workshop in the round' so there's plenty of space.  Just leaving the far corner open for when Sjors recovers and installs his popcorn machine.


Wood Update-  Spent a lot of time (and did a lot of head scratching) on possible replacement woods.  Firstoff, I've got to comment that the basswood supplied by MS this time is far superior to what I had with Syren.  I'm happy for that as this is one big gal.  After massaging some numbers and ideas, I have decided to order new wood only for the decks which I think will result in what I'm looking for.  I am not, after all, Bill Gates.  The order went into Jeff at Hobbymill yesterday so we'll see how that works out.


Spending today continuing to digest Chuck's 'bible' and plans.  This manual is every bit as good as that for Syren ----- maybe better !!  :)  :)

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Hi Augie,


Your Syren is a beaut !  Look forward to following your Confederacy build.  I'm going on 4 years in this November - started scratch building her the same time as Rusty.  Right now I'm working on the cheeks and headrails - I can't imagine tackling these timbers, the volutes or the moldings with anything other than a hardwood since so much carving, scraping and shaping is involved to get them right - Chuck proved it can be done though !  You could always buy some of Jeff's boxwood for these timbers and it will match the basswood planking nicely if need be.


Enjoy the build !


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