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USF Confederacy by Augie & Moonbug - Model Shipways - 1:64 - Finished

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At 350 hours into the build, it's time for an update.


The second belt of planking (of 3) has been completed from the garboard on up, P/S.








Since the next belt will close her up, I took the opportunity to give the inside 2 coats of diluted PVA.  I like the way that seals the inside and stiffens her up prior to sanding.  With the false deck in place I will obviously not be able to glue the center section but 'two outta three aint bad'.


Though most of the planking is 1/8 x 1/16 basswood, I've snuck in some tapered 3/16 x 1/16 in the stern to try and minimize the need for stealers.  Will definitely need about 2 drop planks up in the stem.


Next will be the 'Super Bowl of Planking'......the 3rd belt.  But not before the real game today.  My team is in it -- GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!!


I'm hoping to leave this lower hull planking a natural, lighter color then that above the wales.  All depends on how this next step comes out :unsure: .  Should be there before Spring ---- at least according to today's Groundhog forecast.


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Thanks for all the comments and 'likes'.  Let's hope she looks as well in another 2 weeks.


Mark - No, there's nothing on the wood yet.  That will wait until sanding of the whole thing is done.  I must have had the camera on "Make Model Look Decent" setting. 


CONGRATULATIONS to the Seahawks and their fans on a well deserved Championship.


Where can I get a camera with that setting?   If you're selling them, you'll make a fortune!!!

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Once again incredible work. Late response due to not having a computer for a bit over a week. I can't imagine how the cellphone addicts would get along with out for a week or so. The cold weather is settling in again here in Southern California. Yes, we do get down into the high thirties once in a while.  :(  I welcome all of the modelers to move out to Southern Cal. As for the cold weather I do have a source of firewood :D :D :D .


Keep up the great work as usual.



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