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USF Confederacy by Augie & Moonbug - Model Shipways - 1:64 - Finished

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I think the tight proximity of the beams on these ships surprises many people.  Check out some of the really nice scratch builds on here like Mark's Licorne 1.0 (using the Hahn method) and you can really see the full effect 'in the bones'.  I have a book on the 'Sailing Frigate' which depicts many beautiful models from the UK and honestly it makes you wonder why they just didn't make the real ships out of a solid piece of oak and cut out what they didn't need!


On Confed that section is the only area done like that for display purpose...... a nice touch I think because it makes the point.  If you jump back to page 12 of this log you can see the construction as well as a photo of Chuck's finished rendition.

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The finishing of the lower hull has been completed.  In addition, all of the touching up on the painted areas has been done.


I decided to retain the natural finish of the lower hull.  As I wanted it lighter to contrast the above wale hull, I gave it a coat of Minwax Pre-Stain (I always use this on basswood), one coat of plain 'natural' stain. 2 coats of poly and one coat of dull acrylic.  It actually looks almost untreated but that's what I wanted.  In the photos it's the final one that shows the finished effect.








Thanks to everyone for offering your suggestions on the color.  I'll save the 'white stuff' idea for another model.  The Admiral is steaming but nothing that dinner and a show won't solve.  She has also decided that I'm planning on displaying her 'in the wrong direction ......  again !!  But that's normal.  No sense having those exposed framing beams on 'the wall side'.


Need to add those moldings we made weeks ago and then onto the stern galleries :wacko:

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Just starting planking myself. Makes me realize what an accomplishment this is. Everyone else has already said it but I will say it again. Beatiful work Augie. I also now understand the concept of battle damage. Having caused a significant amount of my own in working on my Syren. Oh well, two steps forward, one step back.



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