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USF Confederacy by Augie & Moonbug - Model Shipways - 1:64 - Finished

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 (not to mention a veritable plethora of photoetched adornments).  This is the fun stuff!

I know I know......

I'm blont or Gray but.......


What is Plethora photo edged adornments ?????????????

Can you put that please in Dutch for me ?????????


Transom looks great Augie.

I think you have to change your name into Rembrandt !



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Time for a small update.  The moldings on the quarter galleries and stern have been added:




The myriad of photo etched details to be added to this area are being painted and prepared.


And now for the windows.  The kit comes supplied with laser cut plywood window frames:




Clear acetate is also supplied.  I don't care for this.  It always looks like it's not there to my eye.  So I decided to try this stuff:




In fact, it's a water soluble adhesive similar to the canopy glue we use for model airplanes.  It is white when applied, takes a full day to dry and results in a semi-transparent glaze which you either like, or you don't.  To apply it, you affix your frame down firmly to a plastic bag.  Don't try wax paper or the glaze will stick to it.  For 'windows' of this size (about 5/32"), fill the cavity with the liquid glaze.  Once dry, you may spot some defects so plan on doing a second application (or third).  Here's what it looks like in process (the frames have been stained):





Now here's what the finished product looks like.  On the left is a frame backed with acetate.  You can see it's completely clear.  On the right, a frame glazed as above.  It looks like 'bottle glass'.  I prefer this appearance, realizing it won't be everyone's cup of tea:




All of the windows have now been installed.  As for photos, well, we'll have to wait until all of the leaves, branches, animals and assorted Gods are put in place.  And Spring is calling :)



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Happy to hear a few folks approve.  Actually, I need to credit the railroad modelers who apparently use this material a lot on their scale buildings.  Modelers are modelers !!!!


You can't see through it like window glass Sjors.  But half of the upper deck will be open the ship so there will be a clear view of what's inside.


Rich-  the modlings are just 1/16" sq. basswood, scribed with a scraper I described about 20 pages back (a series of them came with the kit).


Thanks all for looking in.

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