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USF Confederacy by Augie & Moonbug - Model Shipways - 1:64 - Finished

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In referance to your comment on the background color, it looks as if your white balance was off. Did you shoot under fluorescent and had it set to daylight or auto?


I dunno Sam...I just point and shoot.  Actually, I have a combo of fluorescent and incandescent in the shop.  I believe I was on the macro setting without flash.  No big deal.

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OK, time to have some fun.


Mass production of the gun carraiges has begun.  Like the guns themselves, the carraige sides also grow on trees:




Chuck's carraiges embody quite a few parts.  Here are a few ready to go:





Before things get too far down the road (I don't like surprises), I decided to more or less complete one 12 pounder to check that everything was going to fall into place.  Besides, I have some extra cannon so gun #1 was done to serve as the prototype.  It will not be appearing on the model.  Here are a few angles:








I'm happy to report that she fits nicely into the gun ports from a height and elevation standpoint so now I'm free to proceed with the next 28 !!


Take solace in the fact that this mini-model will not go to waste.  It's been deployed as a security measure to guard my vast collection of proof silver coins (one, at last count):




The assembly line is now in full production mode.


Everyone stay well ---- and WARM!










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Thank you very much, Ken.  I think you're being overly kind but, since we're both Brooklynites, I'll take it!


I've been following your Fair American and think you are doing a fantastic job.  I love your work on the sails ---- something I wouldn't even attempt.  Actually, with display space becoming a problem around here, I've been thinking of giving her a shot and see what 1:48 is like.  The builds by both yourself and Bob (Rafine) have been impressive!  


I'm happy the info on MSW has given you some ideas......it certainly has for me.  We all learn from each other.


Stay well!

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A quick update :


The carpenters, painters and foundry workers have been sent home to enjoy the Holiday.  All the carraiges are built and the guns and hardware at the ready for the gun deck:




Gun placement will begin right after the Holiday.  Let me take the opportunity to wish everyone on this side of the pond a Happy Thanksgiving !


And peace and tranquility for all, no matter your home port.

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Sure Floyd.  The quoin handle is just 22 gauge black iron annealed wire.  It's glued in a hole drilled in the back of the carraige and extends out 5/32" so it sits behind the breech of the gun.  The 'handle' on the end is a small dollop of thick CA.  The whole thing is then given a few coats of black to blend things together.


I noticed this on Rusty's Confed log.  Although his narrative was lost from back then the glue seemed like a worthwhile try and it worked out ok.

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Thanks Augie, Now how did you shape the quoin itself? I know that Chuck provides the wood for this. But I was having the devil of a time holding it and shaping it at that size. Any chance for a close up view of one of your carriages? Also how do you plan to simulate the strap that holds the barrel in place? I used some left over Copper tape and painted it. I cut the copper plates in 1/2 length wise.

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