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Papegojan by Zyba - FINISHED - Shipyard - CARD - Scale 1:72, 1627 classic Dutch Pinnace armed with 16 guns

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Hi all,

This is my first building log to present currently build cardboard laser cut model of Papegojan sailing ship. The model is produced by a Polish manufacturer - Shipyard.

I would like to present my vision of a "veteran" ship. This version is going to differ from the one proposed by Shipyard. The out of the box model is supposed to look brand new, just put on the water, ready to set sail. However, I want to present it at the end of its days, harbored at the forgotten shipyard. 

I am going to achieve this by using different techniques and my paintings abilities. 


One picture says 1000 words - I am not going to describe every single one of them. In case you would like to know anything, please do not hesitate to ask. I will do my best to answer every question.


I invite you to join me in this journey.





























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Papegojan was one of the ships under the Swedish Commander Niels Göranson Stiernsköld during the Battle of Oliwa.

Built in Holland and bought by the Swedes in 1623.

This battle was between part of the Polish-Swedish War (1625–1629), ending with a Polish victory.

One Swedish ship Solen "The Sun" was blown up instead of being captured.

Poland had two squadrons with ten ships, Sweden had six ship.

The losses on the Polish side is unknown, Sweden lost two ships.

ShipYard facts about this kit:

  • 53 colour photographes (printed on exclusive paper)
  • Color photos of finished models
  • 10 pages (A3) with drawings
  • 10 pages (A3) with parts to build model
  • 2 pages (A3) with drawings masts, yards and sails
  • Flags printed on canvas paper
  • Ship history in three languages: Polish English and German
  • Building description translated in four languages: Polish, German, English, French
  • Laser-cut ship skeleton

Looking forward to follow this journey

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Hey nice to see you posting this nice build Zibby; you need to add a scale ruler so the folks can see the size of this build. 


I had the pleasure of seeing it last weekend and it is a very nice model indeed; especially the weathering effects you have applied.  It's amazing how solid these card models are.





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And some more of fresh painting work (from before our visit to Canberra). BTW, it was a very spectacular show. Highly recommended.

Thank you all for comments. I will try not to forget including the ruler next time. The model will be 50cm long. For all who are interested, I can reveal a secret - the log is going to be very long, because apart of ship model there will be a whole diorama.

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