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Model rigging protocols on bare yards


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Hi all

Still working on the rigging of my bounty and i was wondering what to do with those lines such as bow lines, bunt lines and leech lines on a model without sails. What is the usual modelling approach and are there other lines that need similar consideration


Many thanks


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I think it is rather optional and down to personal preference. In practice probably much of the running rigging was taken down with the sails but my preference and  approach is to include Bunt and Leech lines, and Bowlines on bare stick models.


The Bunt and leech lines are knotted and pulled up to the yard blocks before feeding thro' the lead blocks and to the deck.


The Bowlines I attach by their bridles to the yards.



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Hi Paul, BE is correct in all respects.  I would like to add that Nepean Longridge suggests clove hitches at the yards for the bowlines (page 261, Anatomy of Nelson's Ships).  Further, clew garnets, tacks and sheets for the courses would be rigged and hauled to about 8' or so (full scale) of their yard.  Reefing tackles could be rigged, along with the leech lines and bunt lines as suggested by BE.  It is your decision, you be the artist.  Have fun.    


BTW, I am aware of two reproductions: 1962 in New Zealand and 1979 in Nova Scotia.  Would you have the AOS "Bounty?  This is a very good reference. 



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Actually, the Nova Scotia-built replica was launched in 1960 for the 1962 movie, and was lost in 2012 (Captain and 1 crew member remain missing). 


I have a nice commemorative set of plans for the 1962 movie Bounty (which is somewhat larger than the original vessel) framed above my desk.

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