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Occre Polaris, is there a real role model?


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Hi @ubjs, No, it is not a "real" boat, it is a design of a boat as they say on their website, designed for beginners and learning the basics of construction.  I don't know if there are similar ships in the Baltic Sea.  The name "Polaris" only refers to the "North Star", guide for navigators



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6 hours ago, consitution said:

Polaris is a beginner model ship kit from Occre it was purchased by Shackleton and modified to become the Endurance 

the Endurance is also available from occre

This is a different 'Polaris'. OcCre just labeled their kit Polaris, probably because it sounds good.


My knowledge of the ship modeling kit industry is certainly not perfect. But, as I recall, much of the talent at OcCre were originally working at Artesania Latina. Some time back, Artesania Latina created a model kit of an American pilot boat, c.1800, they called the Swift.


If you look at the Swift, you may notice a lot of similarities in shape and some features as OcCre's Polaris. And, Polaris, as has been mentioned by Gus earlier, is just what they named their kit that they built for beginning ship modelers. 


If you want to consider what kind of ship it might really represent, I would consider it to then be a ship of probably American origin, built around 1800, that might have originally been built as a pilot boat, but adapted to some other purpose. Perhaps a small coastal trader? Or maybe, given the name, something put into service to chart arctic waters? 

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