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Many difficult to obtain books offered here...Realized I am a Live Steam Modeler, so clearing my reference library books surplus to my needs...

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Having come to the conclusion that my primary passion is Live Steam modeling and not building of static boat models, I have decided to clear my library shelves of reference books I no longer use.  Many very good and difficult to find book offerings here...I've created book groupings to create a balance between common subject and practical approach of my desire to sell fewer lots for packing and shipping.  All prices include shipping via Media Mail in continental USA...International buyers welcomed with cost of shipping added to price.


Please note I am willing to trade any of these books for better live steam model engines, steam plants, and the like...let me know what you have and your interest.


1) $360.00 Pair of leather bound related reference books that will be familiar to most...these were both published by Jean Boudriot: 

     a) The Shipbuilder's Repository (1788)

     b) The Shipwright's Vade-Mecum by Steel (1805)...includes four drawings as shown in photos




2) ((SOLD))...$285.00 The Fully Framed Model, HMN Swan Class Sloops 1767-1780... Complete set of four books in this series, plus items sold by authors to accompany a build...set of ship plans on Mylar, four sets of photoetch, molds for making the eighteen foot cutter that goes with these ships, and thumb drives of files for building.  Everything is included in this offering.




3) ((SOLD))...$300.00 The History of English Sea Ordnance 1523-1815 (Two Volume Set)




4) $120.00 Three books in this group:

     a) The Masting and Rigging of English Ships of War by James Lees

     b) The Great Ordnance Survey of 1698

     c) Scantlings of Royal Navy Ships 1719-1805




5) $140.00 Five books in this group:

     a) Ship Models: Their Purpose and Development from 1650 to the Present by Lavery and Stephens

     b) Modeling the "Irene" by E.W. Petrejus

     c) Sailing Man of War 1650-1850 by Goodwin

     d) The Naiad Frigate 1797 by Tosti

     e) The Arming and Fitting of English Ships of War 1600-1815 by Lavery




6) $115.00 Eight books in this group (plus a packet of carving practice pieces as seen in photo):

     a) The Neophyte Shipmodeller's "Jackstay" by Campbell

     b) Ship Modeler's Shop Notes - Edited by Merritt Edson

     c) Steel's Elements of Mastmaking, Sailmaking and Rigging

     d) Ship Decoration 1630-1780 by Peters

     e) Carving the Acanthus Leaf by Mary May

     f) Navy Board Ship Models by Franklin

     g) The 50-Gun ship by Winfield

     h) Architectura Navis Mercatoria by Chapman





7) $95.00 Thirteen books in this last group:

     a)  The Built-up Ship Model by Davis

     b)  Ship Model Builder's Assistant by Davis

     c)  The Ship-Builder's Assistant 1711 by Sutherland

     d)  Old Ship Figure-Heads and Sterns by Laughton

     e)  Plank-On-Frame Models -- Volume 1 by Underhill

     f)  Ships Figureheads by Norton

     g)  Benedict Arnold's Navy by Nelson

     h)  Give Me a Fast Ship by McGrath

     i)  The Anatomy of Nelson's Ships by Longridge

     j)  George Washington's Secret Navy by Nelson

     k)  The Shipcarver's Handbook by Hanna

     l)  Warships of the Great Lakes by Malcomson

     m)  Ships of the American Revolution and their models by Hahn


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Thank you for your kind words Greg...I must say that some of my best ship modeling memories come from the convention down in Tampa a few years ago and the time spent with you and all of the other ship modelers....great bunch of folks all willing to provide answers and information willingly...I am still using many of the "tips and tricks" I acquired during that convention.


Best Regards,


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