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BluenoseII Salvage Operation?


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Hi all! First post here and most likely not the last.


Name is Guy. (I like Tom Bombadil very much though!).  I am currently the Security Systems Director for the University of Virginia, past director of IT.  Most of my background is in Semiconductors where I worked for Intel and other Semicondutor manufacturers over the last 20 years.  I am at UVA to be able to spend more time with my special needs son Luke, who has a very rare genetic disorder (Mosaic Trisomy 13). You can read more about him here: http://www.livingwithtri13.org/albumluke.html


Prior to this I rode submarines for the Navy at the tail end of Vietnam as a Sonar Technician.  My last boat was USS Sunfish SSN649 (fast attack).


I started this model in 2004-5.. then many things were happening in my family which precluded it moving forward.

I was building this using the wonderful documentation from John Earl (who I think is no longer actively building..)

here: http://www.modelboatyard.com/bluenose2_articles.html.  It has been sitting for a while..well..more than a while.


So, I attached some pictures of the current state.. Obviously I need to rework the decking.. I did not know what I was doing..  but the rest..? I have some questions:

1. Should I start all over? picking another version of the BluenoseII? (I love this boat.. I have the book on it by L.B. Jenson..neat book! ).  

2. Do kits (the wood) get too old to start again? (it has sat in a very dry basement (sometimes wet though.. dang storms)) but high up on a shelf.

3. I think I "could" double plank this .. ?

4. Continue using John's plans?

5. Pointers? 


I found this forum last night and spent several hours going through it.  What a neat place! 


Anyway.. look at the attached pictures and let me know what you all think?  Don't be too soft.. :-)


Many thanks for those who started this forum and those who contribute!


I look for many happy hours (especially in the nights which I don't sleep so well.. :-(   which is fairly often.. )

building ship model(s).  


with best regards;
Alias: AI1G ... ham
Alias: Tom Bombadillo











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John, Jim;

Thanks for the comments. and I will try to continue.  The hull is sound.

J.R.R. Tolkien got me through many many nights in my bunk on the "boat" which spent most of its time under the ice or very near various places in the Barents sea that Soviet Subs spent their time.. ;-)   



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