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HMS Agamemnon by Sjors - FINISHED - Caldercraft/Jotika - 1:64

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Thanks all for the comment about my tools  :D  :D  :D

No worries, there is already saw dust on it.....

When you are working with Balsa you have a lot of dust !

Yep, I'm making the filler blocks for the bow.

And then....planking time  :D  :D


@ Rod,


Welcome to the wonderful world of modelling an Aggy !

I have see that you visit all the Aggy logs.

But 2 till 3 years before you get started on her ?

Shame on you !!!!!!!!

Start tomorrow ! :P

We want to see what you are doing with that beast !

And no, I don't have shares from Proxon.

Just like the tools from them !

I have the same feeling with Ferrrari, but that was a little to expensive to buy 7 of them  :P  :P



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Sjors, I too am a bit jealous, those look like some nice tools. And chisels! There is something about the schunk! sound of a nice sharp chisel cutting through wood that helps make this hobby what it is for me. Your work bench is just WAY too clean, I think your being too hard on the gnomes.



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