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How to cut out gun ports?

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Use spacers as Hahn did.  A bit of scrap wood above and below the gunport (between the frames) does wonders.


But when I cut them apart how do I make sure the top half is aligned perfectly with the bottom? Especially with the width of the gunport you wouldn't be able to lay it flat or anything

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How would I go about adding more frames? The plans only come with 20


Spencer, it depends on how you want to build the model - Fully Framed, Fully Planked, or a combination of the two (i.e. one side Framed, one side Planked as I'm doing with my "Vulture", or maybe another combination).


Let me know, and then I'll advise you on the best way to get out of your dilemma - you have one which ever way you go.


:cheers:  Danny

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What plans and ship are you working with?   The bit of plans that are glued to the frame look like you are cutting at the station lines.   The body plan that shows the station lines is not a framing plan, although some frames do in fact fall on the station lines in most cases.    If you really feel ambitious, study the lofting articles here at MSW to get any idea on how to draw the other frames. 


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Um I don't believe they are specifically Hahn plans. Look at my build log for the royal albert it will give you more of an idea. I would post a link to it but I am on my phone. I have all my plans posted there. I don't think I have a lofting plan only a body plan with 19 bulkheads shown. I am not doing a fully framed but I am putting in beams for the lower middle and upper gun deck as well as fire, quarter, and poop decks. It will be fully planked.

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