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Glory of the Seas by Rwiederrich - Medium clipper 1869

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Being new to these pages i thought if fitting to begin my own build log of the medium clipper I'm building of the Glory of the Seas...Donald McKay's last clipper.


I chose this fine vessel because she was not only Donald McKay's last but she spent much of her later years in the Tacoma/Seattle area....where I live and she ended her days just miles from here south of Seattle as a burnt out hulk.


I drew much of her documented history from many sources, namely from Richard McKay's book, *Donald McKay and his Famous sailing ships*, local historian, Jay Mjelde, author of several books, *Clipper ship Captains, Daniel McLaughlin and the Glory of the Seas* , and  *Glory of the Seas*, by same.


Note to the reader:  I also utilized other resources, such as Crothers fine book, *The American build Clipper Ship*, and a nearly un-numberable library of resources.


Unlike many here...I work in multi mediums to achieve my goals...and am not ashamed to admit...I will re-engineer anything and everything to achieve these goals.


First it must be known...I am a lazy model builder....wanting expeditious results......means I forgo much in the way of frame construction(I figure I'm covering it up and painting it...why bother).  I do. however....scratch build everything above the weather deck and masts/yards and rigging.


I currently use the 1/96 scale hull from the Revell Cutty Sark kit as the beginning of my build...knowing full well much is needed to correct design issues......however..once cutwater rake issues are corrected for said model and stern corrections are also made....I then proceed to  tackle the deck and its houses and furniture.


Much of this *Modification* will be eliminated for times sake.


Here is an image of the hull after it has been correctly modified.


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The Gory had several refits and modifications done to her during her career...I'm modeling her prior to her 1872 refit when she still possessed  her topmast cross trees and before she was fitted with her cabin boy cabin, just aft of her mainmast and when her boats were removed from the main cabin roof and re positioned over that cabin and the forward portion of the poop cabin. Plus I will be modeling her when her helm cabin did not extend into the aft poop cabin.


During her life her original composite lower masts were replaced by single stick masts...but again...I'll be modeling the composite masts..which were comprised of four main tongue and groove sections all strapped together with iron bands.

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Hey Rwiederrich ,


I believe that you use whatever medium you can to achieve the end result also, I have scratchbuilt several parts for my HMS Hunter model which I have yet to post on MSW. I will be watching for future updates to your build...


Happy Modeling,

Marty G.

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During this time I was building the composite masts over on the bench...after i had mounted the mast on the mill and milled out the section of the mast that had been created by the 5 sections being tongue and grooved...then iron banded.  Fillets were pressed under the bands between the outer sections to form a secure surface for the banding.  Here is a pic of one of the masts.


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Thanks Nenad.  I figured that an engineered hull could more easily be re-engineered to my models specs then could be achieved from beginning from scratch. The desire to expedite my build and my ability to modify existing kit hulls to my purpose fuels my enjoyment and saves me loads of scratch building hours.  I think the labor has been quite convincing.


I plan on doing the exact same thing(converting the Revell CS hull) into my next build the clipper Donald McKay..after I'm finish with the Glory of the Seas.





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Actually Nenad...I build the Revell 1/96 CS ship from the kit..apart from adding extra details and corrections...like not using string for railing and actually rigging the shrouds and dedeye lanyards and using scale chain.  I super detailed it....like I will do with the scratch built glory of the Seas.



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In Belgrade you can bye only


Revell models of sailing ships clipper Cutty Sark RV05401/150
Plastic model sailing ships of the nineteenth century
Skill level: 5
Scale: 1:220
Length of model: 406 mm
Height models: 260 mm
Number of parts of models: 164
The package does not include the colors needed to color this model
Revell colors required for this model: 8 55 93 301 363 381 382
Age: 12 years + (12 + years)
And my CS is over doubled size, and combining is impossible, but ... there are plans and details to see ... and even that worth something ( My original plans are very very very poor and undetailed)
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