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HMS Hunter by HMS_Surprise - Mamoli

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The barrels come from an Artesania Latina kit, the slides are made from scratch.

I have decieded to put 6 carrondes on board, otherwise there would be no room for the crew to move.


This is a very brief summary, I will contribute some more very soon.


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Hi Chris:


Great work! I think your rendition looks nicer than the Mamoli display version!


current builds: Corel HMS Bellona (1780)
previous builds: MS Phantom (scuttled, 2017); MS Sultana (1767); Corel Brittany Sloop (scuttled, 2022); MS Kate Cory; MS Armed Virginia Sloop (in need of a refit); Corel Flattie; Mamoli Gretel; Amati Bluenose (1921) (scuttled, 2023); AL San Francisco (destroyed by land krakens [i.e., cats]); Corel Toulonnaise (1823); 
MS Glad Tidings (1937) (in need of a refit)HMS Blandford (1719) from Corel HMS GreyhoundFair Rosamund (1832) from OcCre Dos Amigos (missing in action); Amati Hannah (ship in a bottle); Mamoli America (1851)Bluenose fishing schooner (1921) (scratch)
under the bench: Admiralty Echo cross-section; MS Emma C Barry; MS USS Constitution; MS Flying Fish; Corel Berlin; a wood supplier Colonial Schooner Hannah; Victory Models H.M.S. Fly; CAF Models HMS Granado; MS USS Confederacy

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Hi Chris,


Beautiful workmanship, you're doing a splendid job.  Will be watching your progress.  Keep the photos coming!





Current Build:






Future Build:

  • BlueJacket - USS Kidd (Fletcher Class Destroyer) Solid Hull
  • BlueJacket - U.S.S. SAMUEL B. ROBERTS, DE413 | Butler-Class Destroyer Escort
  • BlueJacket - 310' Destroyer "The famous "four-piper" of both World Wars"
  • Model Shipways - Pride of Baltimore II (Topsail Schooner) 
  • Model Shipways - Willie L. Bennett (Chesapeake Bay Skipjack)
  • Constructo - Pilar (Ernest Hemingway's Fishing Yacht)  
  • Sergal - Race Horse (Bomb Ketch)
  • Classic Warships - USS Salem CA-139 (Heavy Cruiser) Resin Kit
  • Pen Duick Schooner - Half Hull (Scratch Build)
  • CSA Submarine Hunley (Resin Kit)
  • Classic Warships - USS Washington BB-56 (Battleship) Resin Kit
  • Blue Ridge Models - USS Alaska CB-1 (Resin Kit)


Completed Builds:



Hampton Roads Ship Model Society



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Hi rafterrat,

sorry for that very late reply.

The kit came from Mamoli but it was bought in 1995 and was of quite poor quality. I had to make a complete new frame. Also the design is very silly, a thing I did not notice when I bought the kit. The deck is too full, the crew has no room to move when you set up as ecommended. I have left of the "bridge" and one compagnion ways as well as four guns. These parts of the kit are of especially cruel quality! The lines of the hull are taken from "Arcitectura Navalis Mercantoria" of Chapman which is very nice. I will post some pics very soon...

Good luck and always remeber:


The TITANIC was built by professionals, the ARK was built by amateurs!

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