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The sanding block which I was advised to use to shape (sand) is no longer available through Micro Mart. I'm starting my first ship Armed Virgina Sloop and I'm at the point where I need to sand the hull. Where can I get a sanding block to do this or what can I use??


Thank you



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I use a variety of small blocks of wood, about 3-6 inches long and 1", 2" square or 1x3 for larger areas, like smoothing the hull.


I just cut different grades of sandpaper to size, wrap it around the wood and staple along one side. (of course be careful not to use the stapled side or you can ruin your work.)when the sandpaper is worn I just remove the staples and put on a new piece. I considered using adhesive but suspect I would have to keep replacing the wood.


These are good for most of the larger work.

In addition to these I use plastic Excel Sanding sticks that take specially made belts about 1/4" wide These are shaped with a round end, a triangular end, and flat middle. They are great for some smaller spots. For the really tiny spots I use sanding sticks that are 6 1/2 by 1/8th inch made by Alpha precisions abrasives. These get into some really narrow spots.


I believe I got them and hobby lobby, but I see them in a few different retail stores as well as hobby sites on the web.


Richard T.

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Micro mark sells similar items, 60382 and 60383 but they are $17 - $18 dollars.  I have no experience with them and no idea of their quality.  Seems like a lot.


They have a 1 inch power sander, Microlux Power Sander  #15229.  It is 12 volt and looks like it would operate with my proxxon 12 volt transformer.  I was considering it for sanding hull planking.  Does anyone have any experience with this?


There is also a power sander/filer 81065 (both ac and battery). looks like the Iso-tip that is also sold on Amazon.  I wonder if anyone has experience sanding hull planking with it? 


Richard T

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Various grades and sizes of emery boards are useful I find and the ones that are made for false nails are coarser than the normal ones. 

These would not necessarily take the place of a sanding block but they have the advantage of allowing the user to " feel" the pressure of the sanding under the fingers.


Not an original idea I know but a useful one .



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