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i believe the kits are excellent, but like all others, the more you put into it, the better the results gained, i was going to build the Royal William, perhaps wish i had, instead of the Victory, once or twice a year they seam to have some excellent offers on



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Avsjerome2003 and Brian C - I read that you are working on the Falmouth and Royal William respectively .... these are two of my 'current' builds so I would be very interested to know how far you have progressed and compare that with my work. Our discussions could then maybe assist others.


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I built the Pinco Genovese and it was a very nice kit. I got it off of ebay and it was missing quite a few pieces of the wood but it built up into a really nice model. The plans are very good and give you lots of options to improve the final product. I'm afraid though that if you don't like scratch building parts you may want to steer clear of these kits.



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thanks mate, yes I will but it was difficult for me to post a picture of a model in the rough without sandpapering and grooming. 

Good on you mate,I wouldn't worry,we are all aware of the 'warts and all'process of building these models.You have seen the picks of my sovereign build with big chunks cut out :D  :D  :D  :D

Kind Regards Nigel

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From the discussion here I guess I am a very lucky man. As the president of our local club I find that I am often called on to visit a long time member who has decided it is time to retire from modeling. More often It is a call from a relative who tells me that so and so has passed on. They often have a kit on the shelf or an unfinished project and what help finding them a home. This is how I gained a kit of Ajax. I must say that from what I see in the box I am quite impressed. I will get to her some time in the future.

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