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HMS Victory Cross Section by Antony - FINISHED - Scale 1:36,

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I have been asked to construct a Model to show the inside of a Ship.

I have chosen to build the HMS Victory at a large scale of 1/36.90

Having got permission to use the plans from :-

http://www.mountainhaven.com/VictoryXCP/PDFbin/Frame_Sta_( B).pdf




A previous topic regarding plans.



I have redrawn the plans and added bits and made the drawings slightley more accurate.

I am using adobe illustrator.

The nice thing about using Illustrator is that it is vector drawn so it can be scaled up to any size. I am printing mine on A1 this gives me the scale of 1:36.90

The construction of this model will consist of five frames on each side.

The Keel is make from mahogany.

This will have holes for pining the frame guides.



And the Garboard plank cutout. And false copper pins/rivets.





The two frame guides are fixed to the keel.

The frames are inserted into the frame guides and jig'ed to hold them at the correct shape and distance.



I have also included the curvature of the hull into the model.

The clamping blocks have a curve in to allow for the hull curvature.

The clamping blocks will remain in place until I need to remove them for planking.

The dummy frames will be added to the ends of the hull.

I will use 4mm basswood for the dummy frames.



Next I will plank the exterior.

Then its building up the deck by deck.


Orlop deck beams drawing.

Orlop Deck LH.pdf

Lower deck beams drawing.

Lower Deck LH.pdf

Middle deck beams drawing.

Middle Deck LH.pdf

Upper deck beams drawing.

Upper Deck LH.pdf

Quarter Deck beams drawings.

Quarter Deck LH.pdf

Section through centre drawings.


Side view drawing.

Hull Side View tmp.pdf

Orlop deck layout.

Orlop Deck Plan LH.pdf

Lower Deck layout.

Lower Deck Plan LHtemp.pdf

Middle Deck layout.

Middle Deck Plan LH.pdf

Upper Deck layout.

Upper Deck Plan LH.pdf

Quarter Deck layout.

Quarter Deck Plan LH.pdf


Some of the timber preped for use.


I will Add the drawings after I have as I compleated them.


Started the build as you can see in the photos .

Have now got to add the Dummey frames.


Regards Antony.

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Great project.


Finally, a cross section with a sizeable dimension, so as to allow lots of details.

Will you be showing the entire mast or will you stop at the first level? If at all possible, please take a picture with a human reference next to it, so that we can appreciate the size of the model.




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Hi all.

Thanks for the welcome.

I will stop with a stub mast as the area for the display is max 1 metere square.

Might consider doing a drawing of the mainmast and the standing and running rigging if wanted.

I will take a photo today for you Yves. And post it tonight.

I will continue adding details into my drawings as I progress.

The deck plans will be next to be drawn.

If I have drawn in any errors then please tell me. No I won't growl at anyone :)


Regards Antony.

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Another step done.

A Photo with the ship on my 14 year old lads Wheelchair tray. for Yves.



Close up of the frames.



The timber cut and ready to put into place.



I will colour the timber before fitting (not sure yet on what colour/stain).


More as I progress.

Regards Antony.

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Almost ready to lay the timber up to the Orlop deck height.

But I have a question :- Caulking

Is it only the exterior and the weather decks that get caulked on the victory ?

Have read through the books that I have and it's inconclusive.

So should I simulate caulking on the hold timbers.?


Many thanks Antony.

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But I have a question :- Caulking

Is it only the exterior and the weather decks that get caulked on the victory ?

Have read through the books that I have and it's inconclusive.

So should I simulate caulking on the hold timbers.?






I would think all the decks are caulked, and I believe I have seen a photo of the lower deck being so treated. If you also look at photos of the Victory's decks, I think you will see they are. Naturally the weather decks are the most important in keeping water out, but if you think about it all of the decks would get wet at some stage, from washing down periodically, pump water, etc. So yes, I would do it.


An interesting piece of information from the curator Andrew Baines recently, is that the Victory is to be again caulked using the traditional methods, during her refit. After having used a synthetic mastic substance for several years, he said that the modern material just didn't flex with the temperature, as traditional hemp would do - and was a source of leaks! Surprise, surprise, it just goes to show that the tried and tested (over several hundred years) techniques are often the best.


She's looking very good so far, I shall be following with interest. :)

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What a grand project and the work you've done so far is top drawer.


Love those all thread spreaders and clamps you have there. A must for plank and frame work I'm learning. 


Good to see you in the shipyard. I'll be among the watchers in earnest. :)  




P.S. Like your drawings.

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  • 2 weeks later...


 Just a update :-

 The timber in the Hold is now in place. I used Black card to simulate the chulking and will start the treenailing next week.

And made the Mast Step.





Made up the corner posts for the Pump house and quite happy with my first attempt at cutting a profile :)

Planks are fitted and not glued at this point :) Nice fit.



Also Made the Pump house. and the Shot lockers.







Will start on the Ryders next.. Not sure on how I will do this as each set will be different size.


Thanks for looking in :)


Regards Antony.

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Hi Anthony,


I just had a look through your log and you are doing an excellent job on your crosssection. :D The shot lockers and the pump housel look great and I see your doors are functional :) 


Now iv'e found your build I will follow it with interest :) 

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Hi Jeff.

Nice to have you aboard.

Yes the doors and the latch is functional. I intend to make anything that I can work.

I have been challenged to get the chain pumps working. Working on the idea at the moment.

Will also have flickering lights in the Hold and the Orlop deck.

Because this is such a large scale I can include things that would not be possible at the smaller scales.

Making the ryders at the moment. Not easy :(


Regards Antony.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hello Shipmates.

Done quite a lot of work but as yet not photographed anything.

I did change the hinges on the shot lockers.

As you can see they are very small and they come with the pins.



A single Hatch.



All the Hatches.



And made up the main mast.



Will post more tomorrow evening.


Regards Antony.

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