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Rattlesnake by Kenneth Powell - Model Shipways - American Privateer

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Thanks Guys for looking in. Here are a few more photos.  



I used my little sanding boot and got good results. Next I'm going to add the ring bolts for the gun the lies half under the forecastle deck because it will be impossible to get to it once the deck is on. Rigging the gun later shouldn't be too hard with small tools. Or am I kidding myself? I've seen other builds where the entire set of guns is set and rigged but the sanding really makes a mess.

Ideas are welcome.


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Decking came our really nice.  Can't say about those cannons.  Just finished building mine.  I've got the eye bolts on the gunwals and the cannons.  Now comes the dreaded roping of 10 cannons.  Keep up the good work.  You'll be passing me soon and then I can look at your log for inspiration.

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Thanks guys for looking in.

David - I will try the 2-sided tape. Thanks for the idea

Scott - I have the other gun pieces removed from the sheet and ready to assemble. I tried to sand the entire sheet down a few millimeters but parts wanted to come out so I stopped. It just seems the carriages are a little too thick for the overall scale of the model.

As always, ideas are welcome

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I decided to work on anchors - I don't know why but the urge hit me today when I was looking over things. Like I said before, I will not assemble the anchors as supplied.



Hidden on the wooden table in the photo above are pieces of hardwood (walnut?) I trimmed to use as the stock. I will use the supplied pieces as a template then attached to the shank. I will then use small metal strips for the bands.


Comments welcome


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Consider using paper or tape for the black bands. It is easier to deal with than the metal bands and still makes a very good looking job. You can use black paper or tape or you can simply paint the paper or tape and then cut it into strips and stick or glue it on to the stocks.



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  • 4 weeks later...

I finished the anchors:





I used card stock from the Admiral's supply and I like the results, but will try the heat-shrink tubing on a project one day. I glued the stock halves together and glued the card stock then painted the shafts and all flat black, then glued the stocks to them. I twisted the largest brass wire from the kit around a dowl and trimmed then encircled with left-over rigging string. Once everything dried and cured I put a layer of varnish over the entire anchors as a layer of protection. I like the results


I really must build the guns next.

Thoughts and comments welcome

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I went on to gun work

This is how they are supplied in the kit:


A Lazer sheet to pop out and assemble.

My progress so far on the 10 that will be seen:





My question now is what color should I paint them? The ones that won't be seen are a neutral brown. Red would blend in too much. I want to paint them before adding deadeyes and such.

Suggestions welcome.



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Hello Everyone -

Just to let you all know what I've been up to the last few months:


My son is now an official BSA Eagle Scout. I didn't do any of the work on his 39 merit badges but as a dad I pushed and worked him right up to the end. He's much taller than my 5'1"



Once again, I didn't do any of the work but keeping a teenager focused through graduation is a real challenge. The admiral and I are very proud.


I would steal a few moments at a time and work on my Rattlesnake. I realized I need to put a finish on the deck before I can mount the guns and I need to build and place the gratings and such before that. The guns almost completed and set on the deck:






I want to put a light stain on the deck to minimize the differences in the color of the kit supplied wood. I made a little test sheet:



The stain is drying and I will apply a coat of satin varnish on that. More photos to follow.

Comments and suggestions welcome.






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I like the variation between deck planks. A deck will have newer planks alongside older planks. That is actually quite natural, especially on a privateer.


Congrats to your Eagle scout. :)



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Well it's been a while, work has picked up a bit and I added more exercise time for better general health.

I was at a point of rigging 2 of the guns under the upper deck and just got stuck. I don't like the rigging line that came with the kit - it has a memory and is not very flexible. I did well on the breech lines and may do those only on the model to reduce clutter on deck. Please tell me what you think. I planked the upper deck but I will pull a few off and add more nibbing. My photos are blurry so I will take more soon (relatively).


Comments Welcome


Thanks - Kenneth

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