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USS Constitution by fabius.b - mamoli - Cross Section - (modified) 1:93 - USS Navy Frigate 1979 )

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I built the model more than 20 years ago, when I was a student.   2 years ago, while I was clean the dust, the model wrecked.  So I decided to restart again.


At the beginnig I took the old plan and I started the construction.  But I decided to modify the plan and extend the model of 2 bulkheads toward aft.


I bought AOTS Convay ed. and I studied the plan. So the result is a mix, no more a kit model, but not just a scratch model.



here the pictures:



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Hi everybody,

I'm very happy of my tour at Boston. I visited the USS Constitution, and I found it wonderful. I was surprised by this beautiful ship and I took a lot of photos, so I can continue and finish my work.

Boston is a very nice city, so I will return soon with my family, I believe.



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Hi Giovanni,

thanks for compliments.

I use vinyl glue only.

When I must glue metal, or wood with metal, I use cianoacrylic glue.



Please, Is there someone can say me the english word for "lande" , indicated by red arrow ?

Thanks, Fabius




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