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Help with identifying pieces of San Francisco 2 by Artesania Latina


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Hello, This is my first time here so sorry if this is in the wrong place.
I'm building the San Francisco 2 and it's my first wooden ship build so I'm having a bit of trouble identifying which wood is which. I was hoping someone here could help?

I have attached a photo of all the pieces I'm unsure of because they aren't labelled and the manual doesn't do a very good job in identifying each one. I'll list the names of each piece and hopefully someone can match it up with the ones in the picture.

I'll write the list out in the same format as the manual separated by '.......'
Reference number, description, number of pieces, measurements, material.
The number of pieces would be different to the picture if they've added spares as well.

25.... Deck bratticing ........ 1 piece..... 0.6x5x500.....Mahogany
26.... Edge of the fore deck .... 1 piece .... 1.5x3x500 .... Mahogany
27.... Bulkhead lining .... 7 pieces .... 0.6x5x500 ..... Mahogany
31.... Deck stringer .... 2 pieces .... 2x2x500 .... Apple-Wood
32 .... Rubbing Strakes .... 4 pieces .... 1.5x3x500 .... Apple-Wood

They might not be in the photo but if I can at least identify some of the pieces that will set me on the right track and make working with the others easier.
The first three types of pieces in the photo are arranged thinnest to thickest and then the random other pieces are on the right. They all came bundled together so I've had difficulty figuring out which piece is for what. 
Any help would be much appreciated. 


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Mahogany is dark, rather course grained wood.

Apple is usually much lighter, and less course grained. The broad ones in the middle are definitely mahogany.


Kits providing 'spares' are not common, so my guess is that the number provided is exactly what is in your list.


Sorting by length and size shoudl give you some clue....



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