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New ship dilemma - moved by moderator


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Hi guys,

I've been doing a lot do research and from the helpful advice from everyone here I narrowed it down to the Armed Virginia Sloop by Model Shipways.


Today however I've discovered the MS Syren is discounted $100 and now less than the AVS.


I see a lot of logs on the Syren, and she is a beautiful ship. Would it be worth the risk going for a bigger better ship as it is cheaper than the initial choice as the AVS isn't on sale.


I'm confused.



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Current price for AVS seems high, I can't remember what I paid 2 years ago, but Model Expo constantly has sales, you can even ask if they'll price break, you never know but they have excellent cust service and a history of working well with MSW.


Either kit is nice, Syren obviously more challenging and will take longer to build.


The AVS is a ficticious ship based opon the design of that era where the Syren has actual history.


I preferred ficticious AVS myself, so I could name it after my daughter and didn't have the pressure to maintain historical accuracy



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I'm not familiar with the AVS, but I do have the Syren.  Bought it and the MS Constitution as my first 2 wooden ship builds.  The designer of the Syren, Chuck Passaro, runs this site (MSW) and can be asked for help and questions easily.  He usually keeps his eyes on Syren build logs so you'll have his help.  The Syren instructions are great and invaluable to a newbie wooden ship builder like me.  He walks you through the entire build and includes lots of pics, including the rigging.


Just my 10 cents...

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If it's your first build I'd vote for the AVS. It is still a challenge but from what I've seen of the Syren it is a lesser one and still makes up into a really nice model. Nothing could be more discouraging than having to give up on construction when it is beyond your skills and goes wrong. That said the Syren is a stunning model and the instructions are very good. I think you can download these for free, have a read and decide if you are up for it. It is extraordinary that it is cheaper than the AVS. I guess I'd be confused too!


None of the above probably helps with your decision...




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as you are a fellow Australian, then I strongly suggest you look at the modellers shipyard kits from N.S.W . Their small colonial schooner is an excellent choice for a beginner and it comes with a step by step instructional dvd.


Hi Brian,

I was going to get the starter kit from modellers shipyard - either the Mermaid or Norfolk as I liked the idea of the DVD of the build, plus the 5 DVDs on the basics.


I then discovered the armed virginia sloop, many logs plus the Practicum which looked like a great starting kit, and now I have the opportunity to get the Syren for $199 with 130 page manual, I've got many PDF files on basics, plus everyone here, and some amazing logs, so I've decided to go with the Syren.


I'll keep you updated and start a log once it arrives, and after I get married in a few weeks!



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