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I am coming up to a part of my build of the HMS Prince where I am trying to decide what colour to paint the cannons. There are 16 full cannons to build. Wooden framework, with brass guns and wheels. Plus about 70 false cannons for the sides of the ship.


What is a typical colour to paint the guns?


Like a "gun metal", or something a bit darker than the brass ones supplied.


Any tips on Cannon colour would be greatly appreciated.





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Adam,  for the cannon color, it's really up to you.  You could leave them their natural brass color, or blacken or paint them.  If your kit came with the cast metal guns, they'll need to be painted (which is a little tricky since the paint doesn't quite stick- see the Painting forum for tips).  But typically, guns were more of a black color, even a dark bronze.  


For some beautiful examples of blackening guns (with chemical solutions such as Blacken-It), check out Blue Ensign's build logs- he has some fantastic looking guns!!


But I think most modelers stick with black.  Check out my Niagara build log (or any of the Niagara's, Conny's, Victory's, etc.).


Hope this helps!  Good luck! 

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As long as we're on the subject, what is the story about brass cannon?  I've always done mine black as portrayed by most of the builds here.  But is brass taboo?  I've seen field cannon done in brass but not so much on naval guns.


Appreciate any input.

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Thanks guys for the feedback. I think I might buy some cannons to experiment with. Try and blacken or paint them. Then compare to the original brass ones. Then I can make up my mind on what looks best. If I can find a gun metal spray paint that would make it easier to paint them.



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