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H.M.S. Victory by Vasileios - Caldercraft - 1:72

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Hi folks,


While my wife (Frederica) is busy working on the Royal Caroline and takes no notice of me :angry: I decided to start working on my new project which is HMS Victory.

Squashed in the far end of our workshop I am trying to fit this enormous and beautiful ship.

Some photos of an initial dry fitting.  


post-418-0-18265300-1380137813_thumb.jpg post-418-0-14881000-1380137816_thumb.jpg


post-418-0-17617700-1380137822_thumb.jpg post-418-0-78500100-1380137829_thumb.jpg







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Another husband and wife team.  :) Sadly none of family share my interests (or foibles).  :)  :)


I see you are using a laser to line things up. A good idea.

Ian M.


Current build: HMS Unicorn  (1748) - Corel Kit


Advice from my Grandfather to me. The only people who don't make mistakes are those who stand back and watch. The trick is not to repeat the error. 

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Hello Ian,

The laser is indeed a very good tool to have in your workshop.


Hello David,

Thank you for following my log. I am already enjoying building it.


Hello Anja,

It's good to be back.




A problem with bulkhead number 13 which had been incorrectly cut by the manufacturer was corrected by adding a piece of 1X6 mm limewood to make both sides of the bulkhead identical.




post-418-0-44934800-1380447318_thumb.jpg post-418-0-54513400-1380447327_thumb.jpg post-418-0-57136100-1380447329_thumb.jpg



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Hello folks,


I glued the gunport patterns in place.


post-418-0-82984900-1382385566_thumb.jpg post-418-0-31933000-1382385569_thumb.jpg


post-418-0-91907300-1382385571_thumb.jpg post-418-0-85690000-1382385573_thumb.jpg


I made filler blocks for the bow to give the planks a better surface to sit on.




The first planking has been completed.


post-418-0-55806600-1382385374_thumb.jpg post-418-0-21680200-1382385392_thumb.jpg


post-418-0-40292200-1382385394_thumb.jpg post-418-0-94612100-1382385395_thumb.jpg


post-418-0-12472700-1382385409_thumb.jpg post-418-0-02891000-1382385411_thumb.jpg





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Hi friends


In my attempt to shape the lower part of the gallery I sanded the planks too much and caused slight damage to the hull. It was easily fixed with a piece of masking tape. Of course, it could have been fixed in other ways that may have been better but the second planking will cover it and also in that part the ship will be painted.


post-418-0-13905100-1382555852_thumb.jpg post-418-0-12850800-1382555855_thumb.jpg


The first parts of the gallery have been put in place.


post-418-0-01147400-1382555894_thumb.jpg post-418-0-63703800-1382555896_thumb.jpg


post-418-0-30867800-1382555898_thumb.jpg post-418-0-03509800-1382555900_thumb.jpg













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Hello mates,


I placed the next part on the back on the gallery. I added balsa wood so that the part does not leave any gaps and has a better fit.




The back part has been completed.




The middle deck has been planked with 1x4 Tanganyika strips.


post-418-0-64506900-1383559289_thumb.jpg post-418-0-99107300-1383559294_thumb.jpg


I started the second planking using 1 x 5 walnut planks. The quality of the planks is poor and I am quite disappointed with the material provided by Jotika but the good thing is that the hull will be coppered and painted.

I placed the first plank according to the instructions so that it will be easier to line the gunports later on.


post-418-0-88156700-1383559374_thumb.jpg post-418-0-62971500-1383559379_thumb.jpg


post-418-0-43400200-1383559381_thumb.jpg post-418-0-62143600-1383559383_thumb.jpg


post-418-0-43351100-1383559385_thumb.jpg post-418-0-03905300-1383559388_thumb.jpg


Garboard plank positioning.










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Hello to all.

After an absence of several months I have returned to my construction continuing with the second planking.




The stern post has been put into place.




I applied primer to the hull below the waterline in order to locate the areas where the second planking still requires some formation so as to avoid future problems when the copper plates are placed.




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The next step is the lining of the gunports.
1) For the lining I used 1 mm plywood. I cut two strips of different widths.
2) Now having four strips, that is 1 pair of each width, I used cyanoacrylic and formed a rectangle
3)After the glue had properly set I sanded the areas of the rectangle where I had applied glue using number 180 sandpaper so as to even out any abnormalities.
4) I placed the construction in a gunport and marked it all around with a pencil.
5) I cut just above the pencil mark which left me with a small rectangle which I place in the gunport.








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I occupied myself with the construction of the thirty (30) cannons for the upper deck. In photo below, some cannons to which I have applied Vallejo’s grey primer.




Some cannon ready painted. I used Admiralty’s yellow ochre and Vallejo’s matt black modelcolour for the black areas.




For all holes to be drilled I used Proxxon’s small vertical miller MF70, for ultimate precision.


post-418-0-57053800-1437737472_thumb.jpg post-418-0-82876400-1437737478_thumb.jpg


The completed cannons consist of twenty-eight (28) pieces and they have been slightly altered compared to the instructions; some extra pins and two rings have been added in order to make the cannon rigging easier. 


post-418-0-63029700-1437737514_thumb.jpg post-418-0-91098800-1437737519_thumb.jpg





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