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Thank You Augie.Just about time to go flying?

 Pride comes before the fall.I was rolling along,proud of my work.I tought let me stain the lower part now.

I applied two coats of pre-stain,one coat of natural.Should have been sealed.Then one coat of 50/50% natural and gloden oak.Turned out awful.It just kept getting worse.I finally had to punt and go down stairs to cut some wood and place a verner to cover it but of a little harder wood.

 I did learn something,I never tought I could cut wood this thin on a bandsaw .050 inch/1.27 mm

    On with the learning and fixing mistakes I learn from :D

Best Regards Larry







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I may have saved the build,

 Mark,I do know how to create that look(Every Thing Burned but This Part look)

 Augie,Snow skis for your planes thats the anwser.

 Pete,Not sure what kind of wood.It could be cherry.When I go camping I buy bundles of fire wood.It must come from some kind of wood working place.They are all boards oak, walnut,cherry and others.I grab the good ones the rest up in smoke.

   Back to more mistakes so I can learn more.   Larry





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Thanks every one. A little more progress.That dang beam arm is quite the hard thing to make.I think it took me a hole day to make and re-make.It came out ok.I did cut out the pattern and tape it on.

 Tomorrow I will work on the carling,hanging knee,and lodging knee.Just listen to me talk. Before yesterday I did not know what these things were.







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Before you glue those in it would be useful to sand and possibly oil the inner planking. It will get more difficult to do once the beams are in place plus adding extra risk of knocking stuff out. Your choice though..



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Thank you Rocker and Christian. Mark I would never say perfect, makeup will hide a lot.Joss I took your advice an stained inside.Pete I dont know if it was just the oak I got or what but it was a bear to fair.So just the frames are out of oak.A few pictures of the staining.I think the wood is cherry and I used pre-stain followed by natural.

 Thanks for looking  Larry






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the colour of the timber has come up beautifully. The beam arms are a real bugger to get right, yours look fine. Joss is right about getting the sealing done before building over, it might be good idea though, to not seal where the knees will be placed, your glue may not bond to the sealed surface properly leading to joint failure when you can no longer easily access the area for repairs. Hate to tell you this, from the pictures, it appears your knees are incorrectly sited, they should be alongside the deck beams, not underneath them. Check the drawings.




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