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Titanic Sinking Mystry Solved: New Evidence Emerges


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Just over 100 years ago the RMS Titanic sank in the North Atlantic with great loss of life. Since then the world has taken a much safer approach towards seagoing travel, shipbuilding, and safety at sea.


But the question always remained the same: What was the root cause of the world's most "unsinkable" ship to go to the bottom. Perhaps this year we finally have the answer to this - AND possibly the recovery of Amelia Earhart's plane.


While most of us go about our daily lives without too much ado, a small group of dedicated scientists, engineers, and research analysts have been quietly working to find the truth about Titanic.




In all fairness, I could hardly believe my eyes when I viewed this shocking revelation.

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I watched the multi - part documentary on you tube one day...........it was very good........sad,  but good.   there was mention about the Olympia being the one that was sunk...........that was proven not to be the case.   I have a bit of trouble believing the video.........not a whole lot of evidence there,  and extremely poor testing on the author's part.


the one factor that was left out.....what would be the motive be for sinking such a vessel?

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Hello Hank,  If you can find the relevant refs, you'll be able to read fascinating data

of 1900 steel metallurgy compared to contemporary steel-manufacture showing brittle

rivets & plates due to the "cold" water temperature. Also, hydrographical data showed that

exceptionally higher tides on the Labrador coast in 1900+ caused many more and larger

icebergs to float into Atlantic shipping lanes instead of stranding & melting just off the

Newfoundland coast. Also the the harsh temperatures on the night of the sinking, caused

mirages and "inversions"  hindering the immediate and distant vision of Titanic and Californian

officers on watch.  Sorry I can't remember the book or TV references. This was not in

James Cameron's investigative video.  Regards, Pollex

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I used to think the people on MSW were a credible and respectable bunch. You don't really buy into this nonsense stuff do you? Next you'll be telling me that aliens help build the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria! :D

No of course not, but the Aliens did help him find the island he was looking for, sadly they were using an old map that hadn't yet been updated.  Which is all the evidence I need that the Aliens are in fact our own Government workers!


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