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Essex - Process and corrections to the new Model Expo Kit


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I'd like to thank everyone who has become involved or shown an interest in the new ESSEX kit from Model Expo.


Obviously as a Designer I strived to produce a kit that when completed will be a model the builder can be proud of. I believe I've achieved that as the finished product represents. Unfortunately it's become apparent that there are (for whatever reason) some parts that are incorrect in the kit as being produced. Let me state that both Model Expo and myself are fully committed to correcting this situation. When complete I will work with Model Expo to see that this does not happen again with projects I am associated with to the best of my abilities.


I have (just) received a complete kit as produced by Model Expo and will will be reviewing the components of it to identify and address any incorrect parts. Once I believe that I've accomplished this task it will fall into the capable hands of Model Expo to honor the purchases made.


That's what this thread and the task in front of me is for. 


To that end there are (in response to a number of requests or suggestions) a number of things that this is NOT ABOUT..........


This is not a re-design of the kit or an opportunity to upgrade the offering.  This is not about inclusion of different castings, blocks, line, wood stock, etc. Those components (and others) are out of my control and are the sole provence of Model Expo. I have, when asked conveyed individuals suggestions and findings to Model Expo but that is the extent of my influence.


Additionally I am not rebuilding ESSEX. I will be testing parts for correct size, and stock weight and inclusion. I will be cross referencing drawings and manual as necessary to make sure that all information corroborates. 


This is not an opportunity for a group design - ESSEX is already designed (and looks pretty good when completed). If there is a process, method, sequence or approach that you as a builder do not care for or agree with you are entitled to your opinion(s). I in no way believe I have the market cornered on what is correct (to be honest I don't believe that there is a correct way of doing things in our mutual endeavors). Everyone does things differently. The way I have offered and suggest to the builder to achieve what is in front of them is just that - a suggestion. As it is with any kit and any Designer.............


Lastly, this is not about assigning blame to either Model Expo or myself. Rest assured we will collectively figure out what happened.


I will do my very best to move expediently through the process and work with Model Expo to get things corrected as quickly as possible. 


Thank you for all your interest, support, suggestions, encouragement and friendship. Please keep checking back for progress and updates. 


This is what really makes MSW great!


ESSEX didn't give up without one hell of a fight at Valparaiso - neither will I.


Samuel Cassano, Jr. 

Designer, ESSEX



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HI Sam,

You have outlined a very sound and professional approach, IMHO, to analysing and correcting any kit faults. I, for one, will watch for your updates and findings. I am sure you and ME will get things "sqared away".

Best Regards

Jaxboat B)

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Sam, I have no doubt that you will use your best efforts to correct the situation and, hopefully, so will Model Expo. As those who have been following my log know, I'm committed (foolishly, perhaps) to slugging it out with what I received. I wouldn't recommend that approach to anyone who hasn't started yet. 



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What's that old saying about "Fools rushing in where Angels fear to tread"?........................


The guaranteed success of your ESSEX will only further your reputation as one of the best out "here". 


I'm glad it's you working through this.



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Well I've started the process..........


ME sent me an entire kit as produced and two additional sets of bulk heads / formers so I've decided to take the following approach;


I will release all the bulk heads, formers, stern frames, spacers, keel, stems, stern posts. I will randomly draw pieces to produce a single set. Although not highly scientific, this should exclude the likely hood of a bad "run" of pieces.


I will also be constructing the set as the builder would including the rabbet strip and stern framing, blocking and fillers. 


I will take the selected pieces and compare them to the drawings prior to assembly. This will start to define (hopefully) where a problem of a bad file may exist.  This will also give me the opportunity to check the fidelity to scale / production from the drawings to the piece(s).


So for tonight I'm cutting out bulk heads and building a former.


Some of you have taken it upon yourselves to begin to check the drawings for (believed) errors - by all means please continue. If you see something you feel is off PM me. It's the best way to make sure I see the message. I'll check everything out. Your findings may or may not be correct but it will keep me sharp as I review everything. 


Thanks - Sam

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Hi Sam,


Can you send me next time a warning that you post a whole story and that i need translation for all of this? :P

I want to build some day the Essex  ( not now ) so I will be following you and Bob closely.

I wish you good luck.



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I'm writing this as I wait between flights at the Denver airport. Can't wait to get home to dive further into my Essex kit. I'm not going to start building it though. I will wait for the corrections to be made-- whatever they may be. As has been said, I appreciate your professional approach to getting this all straightened out. I know you and ME will make a great kit even better!

Bill M.

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Sam I've been quietly following most of this about the Essex for a while now. Kudos to you and ME for seeking a positive resolution--it speaks volumes on both your and ME's commitment to, and integrity in, providing builders with quality products! Thank you for all of your diligent and conscientious work!


And just to lighten things up a little, do you think you'll later do some sails for the Essex? :P



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KB (Bill) Good to hear from you, it's been a while. Thanks for checking in. Yeah we've got a few issues here. I'll get them figured out soon enough. I've got some really good people helping me. In the mean time - safe travels.


Jay, I liked it better when you were quietly following now that you've mentioned sails........LOL!!!



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Just wanted to touch base with everyone out here.........


I have the hull assembled with the exception of the stern framing and will have a report within a couple of days on the bulk heads. I can see issues already. They're pretty eveident. Not all is bad.......


The time to report is me trying to figure out what happened (if possible) so as to prevent it in the future.



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Reporting in as promised.


In addition to #'s 19 & 21 I've also re-drawn #20 and #4. Jax has graciously agreed to test them out as well. A second set of eyes is always  a good thing. Still haven't been able to find a reason for issues throughout the kit -YET.


Should take a couple of days for answers on the bulk heads. If theses are Ok then I can move through the kit and plans.


I'll be posting a PDF of the manual (as originally written) out here next week as well.


Dont have an answer on how Expo will be addressing the new aspects of the kit yet as we don't know in full what they are or  how much.



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You're welcome guys.


I wish the process was faster but just trying to be as methodical as possible through this.


Also trying to identify the cause of the problem as well. I've got my "CSI" hat on...............


After bulk heads it should go a little quicker (I hope)


Thanks for your patience



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Update time..............


Jax (who has been great) had to take a few days off to attend the Admiralty Workshop conducted by David and Greg in Baltimore and is now back on the case. Jax will be trying out the test bh's I sent him and we'll move forward from there. Bob (Raffine) who's out in front a bit has also been super in letting me know what's potentially coming down the pike.


In the mean time I'm going to start to take a look at the other laser cut parts of the kit.


Model Expo has also asked me to take another look at the latest version fo the manual.


So folks we're doing all we can to make this the kit you've expected.


Also I'll be attending Dave and Greg's workshop on spars and blocks in Niagara On The Lake, Ontario in a couple of weeks. I hoe I'll be able to apply some of what learn to the (future) spar and rigging componants of ESSEX.


As always - thanks and I'll be back soon...................



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