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UK SUPPLY Drill bits

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I am starting to think the answer lies not in the drill bits - but my little hand drill.


It is one of these Archimedes twist drills and I moved to it thinking it would be better for some more delicate areas.


In fact I think the slow speed and  the jerky motion plays havoc with thin bits. 


Swopped back t my very old small minimate power drill and  just done about 50 holes without breaking a single bit.


But thanks for the information gentlemen - it has also given me sources for lots of other tools I may need.


I have given up on sets  - its very nice to have at least one of each size - except Murphy's Law applies  - the one thats missing is the one you need.

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I would be inclined to give the Archimedes drill to the kids to play with. I use the following device for small  bits. It has small collets to hold the bits. (picture a bit out of focus - camera auto focused on the items behind - doh):




If you have your finger putting pressure on the end rather than the palm of your hand you can get delicate control.


On small bits - I normally get mine in packs of 10. I am a bit concerned about recent batches where the end of the bits were not ground correctly. Something to watch out for.



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