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Hi again folks, this is more a push than a new question.


Another area of research for the Club's build I am trying to clarify is around the Contract specification for a "Lang's emergency tiller".  

The only information I have found is by the Editor of the Nautical Magazine, Original Papers, January 1836, page 272, makes comment on the Lang ‘Emergency Tiller’ as follows:

We understand that Mr. Lang has proposed a plan, which has been adopted, for a tiller, in case of the original one being carried away.  A temporary iron tiller is supplied, being fitted to ship in the after part of the rudder above the water, and to be worked by guys leading up to each quarter.


To the point:

1.   Is anyone aware of an emergency tiller (physical) drawing of this tiller designed by Lang?

2.   Has anyone seen an emergency tiller arrangement like this?


My current disposition is for a simple iron rod with two eyes, one either side of the arm on the after end which is fitted to the trailing edge of the rudder above the waterline bu means of a slit cut into the end which can be bolted to the rudder as required.  However, have bolt holes, even if filled with the bolts until the tiller is fitted, would allow seepage and possible rot in the wood?  I have seen no drawings with device fitted permanently.


Many thanks



Rapson Steering Apparatus.png

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