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Hello all, I have been looking at a lot of superb build logs since I finished my ship. My question is what next, kit wise, what do you recommend and why.. at some point I will be building Caldercraft Hms Victory, but would like to at least get another ship in before. But have no idea what. I have the Enterprise


Thanks in advance on advise.



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Why not try a brig like the MS Syren, or Niagara.

Or one of the Caldercraft collection (Supply, Badger, Cruizer, Mars or Jalouse). Or if you want, the Amati Mercury. If you feel up to it go for three masts, the Amati HMS Fly or Pegasus, or the Caldercraft HMS Snake.


All good high quality kits with a sizeable following



Amati follows the same construction style as Caldercraft so they would be a good warm up/prep for what you would experience with the CC Vic.



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Ahoy Rich :D


I would think about where you want to be before you start your Opus and make your next project one that brings you there This hobby has a lot to offer and also requires a very diverse skill set. As individuals we all have our strengths but it is addressing our weaknesses that will let us achieve the best build


The kit manufactures also have their strengths and weaknesses. Pairing them against yours might be a path to consider. I would also if you have not already; download and read the CC Vic instructions to get a grasp of what will be required and the hills you will need to climb to succeed. I am sure your following some of the logs.


These are the manufactures I have some experience with and what I feel they offer


Model Expo. The Good: Excellent kits for both beginner and intermediate level builder. Kits are primarily Basswood which is easy to work requiring a minimal investment in tools. Some of the best instructions in the industry. Single Planked. The Bad: kits are Basswood which is soft, difficult to finish unless your painting. and is almost impossible to use to create many of the small details found in the scale of most ship kits. The kits can have inherent flaws. Single planked. Britannia fittings are really bad.


****These weaknesses cause the builder to step up in these areas to complete the kit. Finishing, wood carving, metal work (to replace or correct the Britannia) , and checking parts against plans. Planking the real way (I know it is listed twice and felt it should be)


Corel: The Good: Some of the best kit supplied lumber and parts. The Bad: The worst instructions. Sorry my experience ends here.


**** Again having only a basic outline for instructions means the builder needs to have an understanding of the process and must to use the plans and research to plan his build. Most kits are double planked which is considerably easier although some are single planked hardwood which is the real deal. I put off my Berlin build for this reason. Not ready.



An example of this theory would be "how's your copper plating"



As only you know where you really are I think the your next build needs to be up to you. You need to have a connection to the ship and that is another can of worms. Open them one at a time.

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Hey Guys, Thanks for the feed back, Yes you both raised a few good points  I have ( mid Nov the money for the Victory) 


Andy, Looked at the kits, I like the Snake good starting point as Jpett raised about copper plating, Never done it :(  3 masts yes would be more fun...


The Wife got me the billings Bluenose on sale so started that, just a small one. :) 


Jpett, building skills are above ok, some times i not rush but not take care as much as i can or should, so the bluenose will be a better test. 


again great advice.


But still not 100% if i will get the victory or snake.. : but if i can keep it quite ill get both :P 



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