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Plans for Artesana Latina San Juan Nepomuceno. Deck problems

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I have started San Juan Nepomuceno with no plans. I have just finished the 1st gun deck and was wondering if these decks are suppose to come with Kit? I glued a single layer of boards together, but the space seems small. If any body has any info please let me know. I am coming along pretty good, just worried about further on in project and running into measurement problems from my decks not being in the correct place. I have lots of pictures Just not anything where I can pull measurements.

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I do not know the answer but,


Here are three builds in the "kits build logs in progress" forum. One of these should be able to help.

San Juan Nepomuceno by Juan M. Carrasco -

San Juan Nepomuceno by kostas_gr - Artesania Latina -

San Juan Nepomuceno by augustus -artestina latina - 1/90...


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Thanks. I was hoping I could find the plans. I don't know if these kits come with them, but the Corel Vic. shows every little detail. I can build it with the picture book. Just had hard s time figuring out which bulkhead went where and what height to build the decks too. I might try pulling measurements from the picture that might get me in the ball park.

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