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Bruma by cmoewes - Panart - Scale 1:43

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I was so anxious about 1) getting my topic title correct and 2) posting pictures of my first project, that I almost decided not to, but here goes.


As background. this is my first wooden ship model ever and few any other models before that. I bought it on a whim, spent a little time working on it, put it away for 7 years (I have a 7 year old, there might be a correlation).


I decided to pull it back out and work on it again. I'm doing thing "wrong" and muddling through with little to know idea of what I am doing, but am having fun in the process.


So for starters here's the package photo with what it should look like.




I'll add some of the old work photos to this and then start adding the new one as I go.


Thanks for any advice and tips.




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My next step is to start (continue) to plank the hull. Having no experience it was a bit of trial and error with a few false starts. trying to decode the directions and diagrams didn't help too much. But I finally got things going.




Of course I learned too late that I needed to work on both sides at once and not do one side then the other (in hindsight that makes sense now, but what did I know).I also thought that getting them attached bulkheads in groups and not from the bow to the stern. Live and learn.




But it's getting there now that I have some idea what to do.


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Continuing to work on the planking. Going to have to look through the site for some advice on dealing with the hard curves and the width differences. Do I taper the planks at the ends to accommodate or do I not run some of them the full length.


Anyway, enjoying have some space and time to work on this project, at least until it gets too cold to work out in the garage. Never know here in Minnesota ;)



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