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Where can I get the photo etched brass/gold fitting set for cutty sark 1/84?

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My Latina 1/84 cutty is missing the gold scrollwork for the now and the gold lettering etc on the back not to mention the frames etc for the cabins. I found one online that said it was 1/78, would that be close enough? I would think it would be especially for just scroll work etc on the stern and bow. That was the only one I could find could anyone else help me? I just typed in "cutty sark photo etched set" in google and it seemed to know what I was looking for except no one has 1/84. Should I contact artesania-Latina?

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That would be a good place to start.  Have the kit number mentioned in the email.  Also, use Google and paste a translation (to Spanish) of  your request.  Do it in Spanish and English.  Their email addy is: web@artesanialatina.net

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Hey Thanks for the email address! That was nice of you. Ill email them and see what I can dig up. Also I was thinking if they aren't able to do that maybe I could print off some decals? Where could I find a picture of just the scrollwork? Like that actual scrollwork itself not the boat and everything along with it?

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