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Black Pearl by DSiemens - FINISHED - Metal Earth

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I was at a hobby shop for the Rocky Mountain Shipwrights show.  It was a Wednesday night so it was pretty slow.  I noticed they had some of these Metal Earth models so I decided to try it out.  I finished it in the three hours that I was there.  It seems there is some interest in this forum for these ships so I took a lot of pictures to do a build log.  


I want to point out that this ship looks an awful lot like the Disney Pirates of the Caribbean Black Pearl.  It is not Disney trade marked.  I wondered about that at first and found the answer on the back of the package.  It read's, "There once was a real ship named the Black Pearl captained by Henry Morgan.  one of the world's most notorious pirates. The Black Pearl which first sailed in 1669 fought many battles, the most famous of which was an invasion in Panama in 1671."  So keep in mind that this is Henry Morgans Black Pearl not Jack Sparrow's.  They look an awful lot alike but they're not.  Wink wink ..nod nod.  So yea it's a knock off but since it's sold in the US so I think it's a legal knock off.  





Here's what came in the package.  Two metal sheets and instructions.  






It's a little backwards you start with the masts.  







The hardest part about this ship is the tiny metal tabs.  I do a lot of small stuff but these gave me some real trouble.  If you decide to do one have a good pair of strong tweezers.  




Now you put on the hull.  The instructions are vague on this part.  Use the stand for the ship to figure out how wide the base should be.  Since I didn't do this the bottom of mine is to thin which makes the stand useless.  Also watch the tabs.  Pre bend them to fit especially in the bow.  That part took me way to long because I didn't set up for it.  Also if you can glue the pieces together then bend that tabs that may be easier then just bending.  






Getting the hull together was the hardest part.  Watch your tabs and know where they're going before you put the pieces together.  Make sure they are bent in the right direction.  




Then the back piece and the sails.  The sails were a bit of a pain to get through the rigging.  Have patience they do fit.  









So their you have it.  I Jerry rigged the stand to work sort of.  I made a little better when I got home.  For $16 it's not a bad little model.  Definitely an attention grabber. I'm sure Jack Sparr...er Captain Morgan would be proud.  

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