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Hi guys,


I am contemplating on using castello boxwood for the stem and keel of a POB build, then using basswood for the hull planking. I'd like to request the opinions of members with experience using both woods if combining the them will likely give an aesthetically acceptable color combination. I've seen builds combining boxwood plus swiss pear and boxwood plus holly, but have yet to see boxwood plus basswood. Thanks in advance.

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OK, here's what we have.  I edge glued 1/4" strips of boxwood and basswood together.  In the photos, the boxwood is on TOP.


This first photo is the bare woods, just sanded:




The lighting is a mixture of incandescent and fluorescent...... no flash.  The boxwood has a 'richer' look but they are quite similar.


The second photo is after a coat of Minwax Pre-stain and then a coat of Minwax Natural stain:




Still very close, colorwise.  The boxwood is, of course, harder and holds an edge better.


Hope this helps and best of luck :)



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I thought basswood was for the first planking as its soft and sandpapers easily. 


On a double-planked hull, you would probably be right.  However, Chuck's work with basswood for planking has impressed many folks, me included.  The Syren and Confederacy use basswood hull planking and they look pretty good.  I would think that the softness would be an issue long-term as it would be easy to ding it.

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Thank you so much for those pictures, Augie, I really appreciate it :D

I think they're a pretty good match.


Mark, I thought of using boxwood for the stem and keel pieces because of its strength, and then using basswood for the hull planking since it looks pretty close to boxwood, but is much cheaper and can be edge-bent (a cheaper alternative to spiling from sheet).

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Thanks Augie, Chris, and Mark  :)


Mark, cost effectiveness is one consideration, I guess I am a bit wary at using an expensive wood for the first time, for my first scratchbuild (too many firsts seems a bit risky  ;) ). But then again, I plan to also work on my HMS Fly kit (I used this kit as a keel- and stem-donor to my Pegasus but I'm now a bit confident to cut some new keel/stem for Fly). I may have a chance to try out boxwood here before using it on my scratchbuild.


Chris, I understand that you used both swiss pear and boxwood for your Confederacy(beautiful work by the way, she looks great :))

I found swiss pear to be very forgiving to sharp edge-bending and managed to use it in lieu of spiling from sheet.

Based on your experience with both woods, do you suppose castello boxwood can also tolerate this amount of edge bending?



Thanks very much again guys.

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