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I am building the HMS Victory @ 1/36 scale at the moment and starting the pumphouse in the Hold.

On the frount and rear of the pump house there are shot lockers.

They have a lid at the top but no other way of getting the shot out. As far as I can tell.

It would be impossible to get the shot out with out some forum of door or hatch.

Any help with this would be really helpful.

I have the Mc Kay and the Longbridge books. There is no help in the text or photographs.


Regards Antony.

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Hi Antony,


I have just looked up ´shot lockers` in my copy of Goodwins´ Construction and Fitting of the Sailing Man of War. He quotes " Similar pieces of timber were worked horizontaly across the transverse bulkheads of the well to support the top and its hinged  access hatches". The only access was through those hatches it would seem as no other access is mentioned or can be seen on his drawing.


I expect some unlucky matelot had to climb in and pass the shot out :( No safety footwear in those days :o


Hope this is of help to you,


Dave :dancetl6:    

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Imagine a door or access at the foot of the locker. Open it, and an avalanche of shot would pour out. Not a Good Idea. Also, remember that most of the hold  surrounding the locker would be filled with barrels etc. If the locker were reasonably full, a sailor could lean in to retrieve and pass out shot.

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