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Two Breton Tuna fishing boats by Kronprinz - 1/125 & 1/50

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Hello Folks,


I cought in the famouse X-bay two Breton Fishingboats of the first decade of the XX. century.


The fist one ARMOR (A 1862)  is a plastic kit from Heller scaled to 1/125 is dated before II world war,

her the Box and the interiuere with out the booklet...


the second SAINT GILDAS (GX 3864) is a wooden kit from  scaled two 1/50 and is dated to 1908.looks like a variation of the Billing Boats Thuna Boat Marie Jeanne



Lets start with the Heller plasic kit -   the wooden one will need a little bit to come towards me.




going to the bathtub to clean the model from the ress of lubricate by warm water & washing-up liquid






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And here the 1/2 price buy in the X-bay scaled in 1/50 a wooden kit......


Here the plan...


fine drawn - and...


enough to scratch her...


inside the box...


the wooden mainparts...


it's NOT perpendicular in any direction...


out of square AND skew...



and so let's write white on red!!!









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