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How critical is that laser cutouts match drawing dimensions

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I am building my first wooden ship. It is the Oseberg 720 by Billing boats. I was wondering how important it is for the keelstrip laser cutouts to match up with the drawing dimensions. When I lay the keelstrip on the drawings sheet the cutouts don't line up. Some do, some don't. Is it critical or do you have to adjust the cutouts to line up perfect with the drawing dimensions. I may be over thinking this.



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Ahoy Jim :D


It really depends how far off they are and how "to scale" you want to be


I have three kits and none of them matched up perfectly. There are just too many variables with the wood, the paper, altitude, humidity and of course human error for the manufacturers to provide perfection.


Lay the keel out on the plans, and post a picture.


What I did on my kits was when I squared the bulkhead to the hull I sanded towards the discrepancy if needed

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Ahoy Jim :D


NP, that does not look too bad at all.


It looks like you may also have a deck piece that could help If that matches the keel then it could be as Chuck stated that your plans are a "wee" bit off. Far from the end of the world. Always try to "dry" fit as many parts as possible before you commit to glue.


Kit building seems to be about compromises, choosing between the lesser of two evils and problem solving. I do not think two kits ever turn out the same

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