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Bismarck by NBP 1:100

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1:100, that will result i a model of around 2.5 meters? Does that fit into you living?

(btw I guess you have already bookmarked the 1:72 Scharnhorst here at MSW?)



Scharnhorst is not my model. yes my shipyard to acomodate ship into 3 meters more or less. thank you

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that would be a lot of detail to get wet, 

well, considering the material(mainly styrene) is waterproof and the painting is automotive like i do in my KGV 1:160

 i dont see problem. sure considering the size of the ship i will prefer use my KGV who measures 1,41 meters.


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Hello NBP,


Question1: is it NBP we have to use, or do you have a name?

Question2: which ship is KGV?

Question 3: can you show us your KGV (in the water...)



You can use NBP. my name is Norberto

KGV is King George V(the fifth) battleship of Royal Navy

i really dont have picture of the ship onto the water. unfortunately. thanks for ask

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I started this superstructure before Bismarc as i said
But Bismarck was and always will be the ship I venerated her as a child.
So I gave this superstructure to a colleague (who can not even build a model, but still calls himself one ship modeller, and after some years he did nothing. Superstructure that I found in the house of another ship modeller, full of dust and stored in a shed old and dirty.
I was really sad and I hope one day suddenly recover this work.

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