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Berlin by blueyAU - FINISHED - Corel

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A friend of mine saw a person about to throw out a model of the Berlin into the garbage bin. He grabbed it and brought it around and gave it to me. It is in a pretty poor state but I am detirmend to rebuild it. I have been looking at a Berlin build by Ferit Kutlu. Have included a photo of my HMS Victory by Jotika. 4 years and just about finished, life boats and that's it.

Will keep you all up to date as I slowly rebuild the Berlin.   John Edwards




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Hi John and Welcome to MSW


Looks like you have a bit of challenge ahead of you with the Berlin although from the your photos the hull looks to be in fairly good nick. Was it complete model broken up when it was thrown out or in pieces already?

Good luck with your reconstruction of the Berlin.Going on the job you have done on your Victory I don't think you will have much trouble repairing the Berlin. I will follow your build or should I say rebuild with interest


Your Victory looks fantastic it looks like you have done a very professional job with her and is that the Corel cross section next to her? The two together  make a very interesting display

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Hi John,


She is coming along nicely. 


If you are still after an idea to make rope coils there are two differnt methods I use, the firet if you want a stacked coil is to wrap the rope, four or five times around a small cylinder, like a pen or piece of dowel and then clip the ends with an aligator clip to keep them taught and then give it a coat of diluted PVA glue let it dry and slide it off the dowel.


To make a flat coil I use two 25mm square pieces of plastic card about 0.75mm thick,Ipierce one side with a dress makers pin and insert the rope through the hole then insert the pin to trap  the rope cover the surface of the the plastic with Diluted PVA glue and thea push the pin through the second piece of plastic to form a sanwich, coil the rope in between the two pieces of plastic to the desired diameter and let it dry. Pull the top off and you should have a nice rope coil which can be easily adjusted to your requirements


I did have photos of this process but I cannot find them at the moment. I got this idea from another modeller 'pompey' on the old site

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